Sunday, June 20, 2010


I love Sunday mornings. The sunflowers are coming
along so nicely. It won't be long before they will
be filled with finch's speaking to themselves of all
of the good things to eat, to stand and watch the orchard
bees, fill their little pollen bags up with pollen and to wait
for the parrots to come flying back from where ever they live.

My bees are doing wonderfully and are busy, well as bees.
Little do they know I am plotting the robbing of their hive.
I can't wait to have our own honey and not have to buy it
at least for a year. I hope that when we do rob the bees,
that the honey will be a lovely, sunflower yellow.

One of the thing I love about Sunday mornings is waking
up real early and knowing that the house will be quiet, and
all will be well.

Today is Father's Day. I hope that it will be a nice quiet day
for my husband. Also for our married son and our son-in-law.
They are all very good dads.

I hope that your Sunday will be restful.
Happy Father's Day!


Kessie said...

Look at all those sunflowers! I hope your bees pack that hive full of honey. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, me too, Lots of honey. They went after your Dad this morning when he was trying to pull weeds around the tree in front of their hive. They are such aggressive bees!

Anonymous said...

Had a restful Sunday indeed - I have always thought I'd like to be a bee keeper -- but bees have these tiny sword -- wink -- do you get over the fear ?