June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pool Reading

One of the things, I think about doing in the summer,
is reading around the pool. Jumping in the water,
drinking a glass of iced tea. Just reading a book for fun.
We have lived her almost 10 years and I think I have
went swimming maybe 10 times. The most I have
went swimming was when my daughter was getting
married and I was scrubbing pool tile. But this summer,
I decided I was going to go swimming and sit out by
the pool. My husband bought some lovely umbrellas
so I can not be in direct sun and I went to the library
and got this book. The Quilters Apprentice by Jennifer
Chiaverini. So far I love it. I would love to be a
quilters apprentice.
In the book they talk about a Lone Star Quilt. I took
a picture of the one my Grandmother made for me
when I graduated from high school.

It is all hand pieced and she didn't cut it out with a
rotary cutter and the batting is flannel and she hand
quilted it all. The really great thing is she made one for
all of her grandchildren when we graduated from high school.
There were 17 grandchildren and she made us pieced quilts.
Not to mention when her children got married she made
Double Wedding Ring quilts. She had her great big
frame in her living room and when she wasn't using it
it was up on the ceiling. She had it set up so it raised and lowered
on brackets. She lived on a tiny little street, in a place called
Weedpatch. She came out here from Oklahoma and when
they moved from the farm labor camp to a house of their
own, it was a converted wooden box car. She worked
in the fields, picking cotton. In her spare time she made
quilts. By the time I came along, she was older because
my Dad was the youngest but all of the ladies that lived
around her had lived the same kind of life and they all
quilted together. The quilts those ladies made were
works of art.
How I wish I had learned from them. They used what they
had and nothing was ever thrown away.
So today, I read a bit of this book and I had to share my quilt and I also
wanted to show my sewing machine, because the lady in the book uses
the kind I use.

I love my Singer Feather Weight. I learned to sew on
it in sixth grade. I have had other machines and I do
have quite a few, but I stay with the Feather Weight.
It is always dependable and I am so happy with it.
So I think instead of sitting by the pool, I might just have
to make a quilt.
Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Kim...thank you so much for sharing the photo of your quilt...and the story of your Grandmother. How precious...and what a wonderful woman. I loved it! And, I love your machine. I definitely think you should make a quilt. But, you could still find time to sit by the pool and read.

  2. the quilt is just beautiful. enjoy your
    pool and your quilter's apprentice.

    thank you for sharing your bible verse.
    i have loved reading each one.


  3. How about this idea -- Make a quilt by evening hours - visiting the pool by day hours! Wink.

    Simple joys are all around us and we can make room for them all!


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