June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Fourth Anniversary

Today is our daughter and son-in-laws
4th anniversary. I know I just did my son's
and daughter-in-laws but they got married
three weeks apart.
I don't think anyone has ever lived until they
have planned two weddings. Three weeks apart. At your house.
My daughter got married at the first church
built in our town. Then had the reception at our
I lived and breathed weddings for six months.
Our daughter got engaged on Christmas morning and
our son got engaged on New Year.
When it was all over I got sick and the doctor sat me down
and said, " Now tell me what is going on in your life." I said,
well, my two oldest children got married 3 weeks apart, at our
house... She said "Stop right there, "I get put in the hospital every
time one of my kids get married." She told me that if
I didn't go home and get in bed and stay there, she would put me
in the hospital. I never obey doctors I am sorry to admit, but that
time obeyed because I was so sick.

I am not good at letting go, one of the things that people failed to mention,
is that you get more kids. I love that part. I love having so many people around
my table. I love seeing my kids happy and not alone. I love seeing them fulfilled.
Then the best part is they have babies. That really is just the best.
I also like being friends with them now that they are grown I really like having my best friends be our kids. They get all
of the jokes which is a real plus.
What I like about having them be adults is the deeper the relationship they
have to their personalities. They have all gone through hard things, but
they have used it to make their marriages stronger and I think they have
in turn become better people.
I have been blessed so much and I am thankful for the gift.
Happy 4th Anniversary!


  1. Encouraging post! My boys are all becoming young adults, and am feeling some loss as they pull away, along with some relief. :)
    But, to increase the love around the table is the Best thought yet! Thanks for the glimpse, I hope, into my not so far future!

    Yes, GO TO BED SUPER WOMAN!!! If your rest now you can put your Super Woman cape back on sooner.


  2. Four years ago and it seems like yesterday. I still feel that my whole wedding ordeal was horrifying. No wonder you got so sick afterwards. But hey, we've all made it! :-)

  3. What a lovely post. My two sons are now out of college and making their way in the world. I hope someday to gain a daughter in-law or two. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. What a nice post. Last year my brother and sister got married one week apart from each other. So you can imagine all my mom went through. My family is back in central america, so they wanted to have there weddings close together, so I could be there, for both.


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