June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life in the Garden

I don't know what kind of bee this is, but they are
aggressive. They didn't like me taking pictures,
and kept buzzing my head.
They go around my bees and buzz them too.
Last year when I was working in the garden, I watched a bee as it spent a good
couple of hours excavating and digging a hole. Then it
had a grass hopper still alive but it looked like to me
paralyzed. It brought the grass hopper over to the hole,
but the opening wasn't big enough, so it worked at enlarging
the hole and making it sturdy.
As I watched it had to figure out how to get over a hose, and how to get
the grasshopper over the hose. The grass hopper was at least 3 times
bigger. It would pull and finally it found a place where the ground was a
bit lower than the hose and got the grasshopper over and into its house.
I would watch it as it would get tired and it would go find shade and rest
then go back to it's work.
I can only imagine that it's babies were in the hole or going to be and the
grasshopper was food.
It used sticky stuff that was on my Hollyhocks for mortar.
After it was all done it turned around and used it's back legs to bury
the hole and then used its front legs to pat everything in place.

The hole was right by these Black-eyed Susan's so the bees are a bit
possessive of them. They aren't orchard bees because orchard bees
are smaller.
It was one of those days when I just sat and watched in the garden.

Can you see all of the little green tomatoes?
I always feel like a miser counting my money.
I can't wait until they turn red.

This is my two rows of tomatoes. Really, I told myself,
I was going to only plant two bushes, well, maybe six at
the most. I have no idea how it was that I brought this many
home but I did. My husband is such a good sport. ( He doesn't
eat tomatoes, unless he can't see them.) He never complains
about helping me tie them up or weeding or even running
the water line.
It is a good thing they turn into good stuff. I think though
he would help me no matter what. He is just that nice.
I hope your Wednesday, is Wonderful!


  1. Kim...wow, look at all those tomoato plants! You're going to have tomatoes coming out your ears!!! But, hey...they're good for you, so what can ya do????

  2. wow wow and more wow -- thats tons of tomoato coming soon -- talk about being even MORE busy -- but what a yummy blessing these cancer fighting redness wiil be! Talking about Bees -- don't like them around me either..wink..

  3. Holy cow. That's what has happened in a week? Apparently I need to walk in the pasture more. I'm glad you planted so many tomatoes. I think we will be pilfering yours for salsa and chili sauce, since I don't think we're going to get many off of our plant this year. ;)

  4. Boy oh Boy your tomato look great I'm sure they are going to be yummy!!!!!
    And I would keep your husband if I were you he sounds like a great guy!!!
    Happy gardening, Nancy


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