Friday, March 12, 2010

What I found Out About Chickens

I ran across a blog called, "backyardfarming.blogspot"
with a post entitled "They Eat Their Young."
I was thinking that I had a egg eater, but had no idea
that I maybe have two or even three. I was hardly getting
any eggs each day. So in the post it said, to put plastic
Easter eggs in your nest boxes and they will peck the plastic
egg open and it hurts their beaks and they will stop eating eggs.

I took a whole handful of plastic eggs out there on Wednesday
morning and Wednesday night when I went to check
all of the plastic eggs were open in the nest boxes and I had
4 eggs, up from the two I had been getting out of 10 hens.

So yesterday when I went to get eggs I had 6 brown ones
and a blue-green one. (The bantams are good chickens who never eat
their young.) It worked and I just could not believe it was
such a easy solution. So if you aren't getting the eggs you think
you should, it could be like me, I thought my hens were just perfect,
little did I know they were not.

Oh, by the way, it wasn't because they were hungry, they get more
food and they are kind of chubby for chickens, that is what my kids say,
I even let them run around my back yard and they have shelter and lots
of water. They just picked up a bad habit.

I have so much to learn about hens.


Kessie said...

That just blows my mind! They pecked open the plastic ones, and left the real eggs. Good thing chickens are dumb, huh?

Farm Girl said...

yep, we would be up a creek if they were smart as Sasha, they would go on strike and not lay eggs until they got equal time.

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
As always i enjoy reading any thing you write. I adore your cabinet,very unique piece. those stacked drawers I really like.
I have my grandmother's old hoosier in the barn, that i have been planning to redo for years, and now I am motivated. But where would I put it? LOL

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is my grandmother's old treadle sewing machine, and it still works.
I also have a pie safe that belonged to her that i love, just because it belonged to her.

I enjoyed this post on your chickens pecking their eggs and your solution. I don't like to go to the hen house and come back empty handed.LOL
Hope your haircut turned out, don't you feel better after a hair cut?
Well I haven't posted on farmhouse lately, but maybe later tonight. I rather read what you have written anyhow.
Have a great evening.

Sue said...

Oh! I almost forgot to ask. Do you ever get a double yolked egg? l got one the other day, and was tickled pink. As you can see it doesn't take much to make me happy. I even took a picture and was going to do a post, but ended up deleted it off of my computer. So i am waiting for another one. lol.
Hugs, Sue