Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Odds and Ends of Wednesday

I should have taken a picture of my now clean
flowerbed. Wow, it was a mess when I took this
picture. I took this earlier in the year when we had
a day of sun.

One of the things I am thinking about right now is
I hate skunks. I am okay with them if they stay
far away but when they decide that your
yard is the place to be. I have put up with them
spraying my dog, and eating my chicken eggs,
but last night the skunk went into my next door neighbors
yard, who is my brother, and sprayed his dogs.

My bedroom reeked of scent. The kids had the upstairs
windows open so this morning upstairs smelled so bad,
like tons of onions.
I am so glad that after my dog got sprayed I went to the feed
store and bought a whole gallon of that skunk deodorizer.
Amazing stuff, I bought it really because I just have this
sneaking fear, I am next. I am always stumbling across stuff
when I least expect it. The skunk that lives here had six babies
so I know it is fatalistic but it could happen. My nephew came over
and got the gallon so I need to put more on my list.

One of the things I have noticed about skunk scent is that it
is used so much in perfume. After I had to wash my dog after
the last time, I forgot to wear gloves, which got on my hands and
I had the hardest time getting it off my hands. I really smelled
it and I was shopping and every woman that walked by that
was wearing perfume, I could smell the skunk first. It must be
a way to make long lasting scent, cheap.
I hope you have a nice Wednesday. Sorry this is so scattered,
I can't seem to gather my thoughts in a coherent way. All I have
been doing today has been trying to find something good to say
about leadership in our country. Since I refuse to talk political
on my blog, I will stop here. You know if you can't say anything
nice don't say anything at all, and Jesus said to pray for those
in authority over you. So I am. Have a great Wednesday!


Sue said...

Good morning Kim, I don't know which post I enjoyed the most yesterdays or todays.

The picture reminds me of some scenes around here, my chickens wandering around looking for bugs that I dig up. lol However your bed doesn't look as weedy as mine did that I worked on Saturday.
The skunk story is funny, especially since I am not dealing with skunks . Skunk scent is like the worst onion scent you could smell.
I don't usually blog about politics either , but I have been in mourning all week over the state of this country. May the Lord have mercy on us.

Yesterday was busy, and sad for us, we lost a brood cow that was three weeks away from delivering her calf, she had been down since Sat. hubby did everything to help, and finally called the vet, but still lost her.

I just didn't have time to post, and was so tired last night, plus it usually takes me a day to adjust to losing one of our animals, hubby says I get to close to them.

Your post from yesterday brought back so many memories, I so enjoyed you describing your childhood.That house sounds like my grandmothers, Oh! the wonderful times I spent there, and it seems you had some at yours also.
I am so glad that you were able to move back where you grew up and share these special memories with your children as they are growing up there too. How awesome is this!!!!

I believe we make memories everyday and that these memories will carry us through some of the most difficult times in our lives, I know that mine have done this for me.

I must run, as Mother is coming out today. So sorry for this long letter, I guess that is what happens when you miss a day here in blogland. lol

I always leave from my visit inspired and blessed. May your day be filled with many more blessings.

Janean said...

ewwwwwwww and awwwwwwwwww.

we had a skunk get under the house once and spray....not good. what's that skunk spray called?

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hi, I thought I would pop over for a visit I saw a comment you left on another blog and liked your blog name.

We have had to trap Skunks in our yard all winter long.We live in the City, not out in the Country and that smell lingers forever.

I hear you! The Leadership in our Country.....We should have voted Mrs. Clinton in.When Mr. Clinton was Prez it was the best.I will stop here.

I like your blog, it looks so fresh and Summery........I am ready! ~Cheers Kim~

Farm Girl said...

Hey Janean, The name of that stuff to kill skunk smell is called Natures Miracle. It has a picture of a skunk on the front. When my dog got sprayed and she was up against the outside of the house, the next day I even sprayed the walls and that took care of that.
I will leave the name on your post in the morning too.