Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite Furniture

This is my favorite piece of furniture. I have always
been sort of hooked on Hoosier Step Savers. I was on
Ebay the other day looking at cabinets and I came
across this page of Hoosier cabinets. Here is one I found.

I love these things, then I started
looking at mine and it dawned on me
I have one only a new one. But someday,
I will be gone and someone else will have
my cabinet.
As I looked at these, I kept thinking of all
of the farm wives and mothers who were so
proud of their cabinets. Just like I am of mine.

I wish I could give this one a home, but I do not
need any more furniture. But I look at these
things and my mind goes off in different directions.

So, what's in your house that you look at and are so thankful
that you own it? Is there anything that you look at and it just
makes you happy?
It is thankful Thursday, and I have to tell you what I am thankful
for, vain as it is, I get to get a hair cut and a weave. I haven't had
a haircut since December and we won't even talk about roots.
So, I am thankful that I get my hair done. I hope you have a wonderful
Thursday too.


Meg said...

I thought you were going to hold out and let your hair grown long? Or is that where the weave comes in?? You're braver than I am. I've heard weaves hurt like you wouldn't believe.

I have always loved your hutch. I love mine too! Ben got the top half antiqued and we set it in the kitchen last night to see how it looked in the light. It's AMAZING. Now we just need to do the bottom and I'm waiting for doors and hinges. That's probably my favorite piece right now.

Kessie said...

How funny, I saw this post on blogger dashboard last night, but it didn't appear until this morning. Blogger, you glitchy service you!

Anyway, I'm this way with my kitchen appliances right now. I look at my mixers and crock pot and think of how I could make a 3-course meal right on my countertop, all at the same time. I brag to myself about them, rather. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Wow, I love both of those, your hutch and the crock pot and your mixer. That is cool, No Meg, not getting it cut off, it finally can be in a pony tail, weaves are not that big deal.
Kess, it wasn't blogger this time but silly ole me. I write my post's at night and I forgot to schedule it first, and then had to go back and figure out how to get it off.

Bee Haven Bev said...

Hi Kim....thanks for visiting me. I would love it if you could stop by for a chat about our girls and their queen!!! I suppose if this is Thankful Thursday, then I am thankful for all the wonderful farm gals that I have met out here in blog land!

Have a great weekend!