Thursday, March 25, 2010


I love anything that looks like a sunflower or a daisy.
Echinacea happens to be one of my favorites because
as a cut flower it lasts so long and the stem is just
perfect in fresh flower arrangements in my house.

One of my favorite things is having Echinacea in my
blue canning jars. I should have cut these and took a
picture but I just didn't have the heart as there are just
a few blooming. This is Thankful Thursday so one of the
things I love is flowers.
The crab apple is blooming too.

I would love to have a whole grove of these. I love
the color pink they are. When I was walking out
taking pictures I thought, how I love seeing
life through a camera lens. I see things I might
not have noticed before. With a camera in my hand,
I see the beauty of the light falling through the trees,
I see the green of the grass reflected in the dew hanging
from a branch.
I was out taking pictures and I was completely lost in
what I was doing when suddenly it dawned on me, I was
outside in my pajamas. I had changed my house shoes for
my tennis shoes but forgot to put on clothes. The air
had this wonderful, beautiful smell, and the breeze,
was making all of the new leaves dance a graceful
ballet. Watching them and I wanted so badly to catch
the light, clothes went out of my head.
I thought, "Oh gee, what am I doing out here, in pajamas."

I turned around and went back in the house leaving the
gorgeous morning to dawn alone.

I am thankful today that today I begin my Easter break.
I love teaching school with my boys, but I have been pretty
scatter-brained lately. Taking them outside to see a blooming
flower or to talk about politics when we should be doing math,

They are feeling the same way too. I went out to take the trash
out and I hear this voice above my head say, "Oh hi Mom," When they
say that, it means they are doing something that I might question, this
is what they were doing.

They were filling up trash bags with water and
dropping them off the roof. I stood and watched,
finally it dawned on me to grab my camera. So I
didn't get the really good water explosions.
So, yeah, I am ready for a break from school. Just
like they are.
So I am thankful that I have been a mother for so
long, that I enjoy watching my boys be boys. I am
so thankful to have been given the gift of
a large family.
Happy Thursday!


Meg said...

All the while Jennifer is standing at her window going "What on earth is she doing in her pajamas??" LOL!

Jennifer said...

Wow...looking forward to watching my boys be boys. I will read your blog faithfully to prepare myself. Happy spring break!

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
This was such an inspiring post for me to read tonight.
My Echinacea, is just peeking out of its long winter's nap, and mine is purple. Until tonight I haven't seen yellow, what a treat! I will check at our farmers market when I go to see if they have any.

And your crab apple is beautiful, I can hardly wait for our spring to really spring forth. Would you believe we are expecting below freezing temps. tomorrow night? So out comes the extra sheets for our cherry and plumb trees. lol I loved the way you described what you saw today. And yes I am one of those who will wear my pjs outside. LOl

I am so thankful that God allowed me the privilege of being a mother. Seeing your sons on the roof brought such a smile to me, it reminded me of our two older sons who were so close in age, and they were always into something. lol So continue to savor each and every moment.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement to me today, it has been most difficult. Dear hubby was out in the neighborhood until late searching and asking.The thought of someone coming onto our property with our gate locked brings me concern. I am reminding myself what an AWESOME GOD we have, and I know that He will take care of everything.

So dear friend enjoy you spring break, as I know the guys will.

Until next time, hugs and many blessings,