Sunday, March 21, 2010

Odds and Ends of Saturday

I thought I would publish a couple of pictures of
what I did on Saturday. I hung out with the chicks
so they could have some sun.

They are getting feathers. They have been living
in the bathroom in my garage. They are reaching
the stage where they need a bigger home but are
not yet big enough for a coop. It is still too cool, but
soon very soon, I have to come up with another plan.

We got into the hive, well my husband did, I stood
way, way back. I sort of shouted questions at him as
he got into the top super. He found these.

These are queen cells. He took them off but today,
he is getting into the hive where the queen lives and
I have to hold the smoker. I am sort of nervous.
My bee stings are gone. So I am not really interested
in getting some new ones. He wears the suit. That is
another thing, why did I not buy two. I really wonder
where my mind was last year. When I was a kid,
my Mom's bees were never as aggressive as the ones
I have. My son was chopping weeds, kind of by the hive.
he came and got me and said, " You gotta come look,
the bees are going crazy again." I walked down and sure
enough the air and sky was full of bees. I told him to go
get his Dad. He left as as I watched, the bees, settled down
and landed and went back in the hive. All of them.
Being a bee novice, I am sort of at my wits end.
I guess I need to get back to the books.
I hope you enjoy your Sunday!


Kessie said...

Ooh, save those queen cells, I want to see them up close. Is that where they grow new queens?

And seeing as how you still have bees in your hive, you must have a queen in there somewhere. Just wear a couple layers of clothing and the boys' paintball mask. With, like, cloth under it so no bees and get your skin.

Nice to see your chicks! Little ostriches. I just love them. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Okay I will save them. They are different looking. I am sure we have a queen, it is just she has some thing wrong I think.

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
Your chicks are really growing, and I know how pleased you are with that.
The bee story is very interesting, maybe what's wrong with them is what is happening in this country right

It seems you all had a busy weekend too!
Loved your burlap pillows!!!Enjoyed visiting as always.
Until next time,

Anonymous said...

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