Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Already

I can't believe it is already Monday, how come
it is when you know your vacation starts today,
the days seem to be on hyper-speed? That had
to be the fastest weekend ever. Maybe that is
a good thing or I might work myself to death.
I know for sure my husband might, work himself
to death.
In the evenings though, we have been watching
Little Dorrit. Yep, I am still on my Charles Dickens
kick. I love Charles Dickens more each book I read
and of course each movie I watch over and over.
I think my least favorite movie though, is Tale
of Two Cities. That head chopping in the background
always gets to me.

My irises started blooming this weekend. I think they
are just gorgeous. I wish they lasted longer.

Our warmer than is normal for March is going to be
over by Tuesday. We will be back into cold with
snow down to the foothills, we will get rain,
but before the rain, we will get wind, lots of wind.
Which means the wind will dry out my flowers.
The irises will all get wind blown and crunchy.

It doesn't matter to me though, I will have to stay in
the house and not try and hula-hoe 2 1/2 acres by hand.
I will play house when it gets too cold to be outside. I love
playing house too. You know rearranging furniture and
all of that stuff. I love rearranging furniture, and I feel
it coming on.
Lately I have just been rearranging chickens. I like that too.
I love changing one bunch to another house and then back
again. I wonder could it be a sickness. :)
Have a lovely Monday.

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