Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Em's

Today is my daughter's Em's 19th birthday.
Gosh, the years go by so fast. She has been a blessing
to me.
I have to stop here because I could get really sappy,
Let's just say, I am so thankful to have been given
the gift of motherhood.

Here is a picture of our grandsons at gama's house
yesterday, I know how to keep them still, just put them
in a wheel barrow.

I was thinking that next week when they come
over, I am going to have to go give them rides.
If it is not raining of course.
I am thankful for life today. To have been given
such gifts.


Kessie said...

Oooh, where'd you find that picture of Ems? She's sooooo cute!

Farm Girl said...

It was in one of the photo albums. She wouldn't let me use any of her all grown up. It freaked her out because she was the same age as the boys and she said they will always think of her as "old."

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
I am so happy to be able to stop by tonight, loved both of your photos, your daughter looks like a baby doll.
And those grand boys, well, what can I say except priceless!!!
I bet they have so much fun together. And Yes I hope they get their ride next week.
I too am thankful to have been given this gift of motherhood.
Blessings my friend,