Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love burlap!

and in the morning I couldn't get these pillows out of my
brain. I had got the burlap sacks at the feed store last
summer. I wanted to make curtains out of them, but was
over ruled by my whole family. I just put them away.
I would take them out and look at them from time to time. I
recovered a lamp shade but it was a flop. It was fun to make.
I found I love spray adhesive. Amazing stuff.

So anyway back to the dream. I even dreamed where
there was a stencil in a box in the closet. Last night
I climbed up on a stand in my closet.
There was this box, that had just magazines and stuff,but
where I dreamed it was the stencil.
This morning I just took one gunny sack, cut it in half,
stenciled the words and put masking tape across the bottom
and stenciled the red line and now I have pillows.
I wanted to see how big the pillows were by cutting
the sack in half, but you could get three or more just
by cutting different shapes. I made my own pillow forms
and I imagine they cost me 10 cents to make. My brother
owns the feed store so he just gave me the sacks.
Now I have these pillows for my porch and I am not
to worried about the weather or anything because I can
just make some more.

It was a fun project and I can't wait to experiment some


Janean said...

A-MAZE-ING (okay it's not spelled right, but....)

burlap pillows are so expensive and yours are FAB! your brother GAVE you the feed sacks? double yay!!!

Kessie said...

That is really awesome! They can get rained on or whatever, and you can chuck them in the washer without a qualm. :-)

Meg said...

Oh! Oh oh! I've seen pillows like this on other house blogs and I just LOVE them. Yours are adorable!

Unknown said...

Hello from another farm girl. I love burlap this year as i am finding new ways to make use of mine. I love what you did with the feed sack it look wonderful. We are sooo excited about Spring here in the North Country as the only snow left is what you can see on the mountain tops. I would love to hear more about those Bee's!!!

Anonymous said...
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