Thursday, March 18, 2010


I couldn't sleep last night so I was thinking about the
day and praying. I knew today was Thankful Thursday,
so I was thinking about thankful things. I started thinking
about the books I gave my daughter-in-love so she could
read out loud to our grand sons. I am thankful that she does
that and my daughter does that too so I am very thankful
for girls who read to their children.
For some reason the title of a book called The 500 Hats
of Bartholomeo Cubbins came into my mind.
I started thinking about hats and the kind of hats
I have worn. My first hat I suppose was one of grand
daughter and daughter. I realized this week while weeding
that I am no longer a daughter and a grand daughter.
That part of my life is over. I am thankful that I have
been given the gift of belonging.

My other hats I have worn have been wife and mother,
I am so blessed to have been given this exceedingly
beautiful job and my life's work. I have been given the
gift of being a grandmother too.

Some of the other hats would be teacher, another gift,
I am so thankful for, educating our children. In three
years that job will be finished and for me that is one of
the hardest steps to take and it will be over after 25 years.

My next hats are farm girl of course, and chicken raiser,
and used to be a bee keeper. :)

I am a house keeper and a laundress. I am a weed chopper and
and a cook.

So I am very thankful today that God has given to me
this life all I ever really wanted was to see the sun rise
in the morning and the sun set in the evening, and He
even gave me that. Truly, I have been given a wonderful
life. I hope you have a very thankful Thursday too.


Meg said...

Is that the children's book with the picture of him wearing a bajillion hats stacked on his head? That book was funny.

I'm so glad you gave us some new books. Reading The Spooky Old Tree over and over... and over again makes you go a little crazy.

I'm glad you are thankful today. I hope you get to play in the sun!

Farm Girl said...

Thanks Meg,
Yep, that is the book. I hope I do I get to play in the sun too, but the housework calls my name today. Maybe Fiber Friday will turn into Play in the sun Friday. :)

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
This was such a sweet post., I like what you said about having the gift of belonging.I am like you just enjoying these wonderful blessings, such as a sunrise, and a sunset. I just saw the most beautiful sunset here on the farm. What a gracious God we serve.
How wonderful that your daughter and daughter-in-love read to their children. The benefits are so rewarding.

Hope you are over your bee stings.

I didn't post today as of yet, and since it is so late, I just might wait until tomorrow. I should have done a Thankful Thursday, just slipped my mind. I didn't dare get online this morning, as I knew I wouldn't get our bedroom done. And I am so thankful tonight that I stayed the course. LOL I can now say it is completed.

I bet you are getting a lot of gardening done, I guess until we get this porch finished, I will have to put mine on hold, and that is okay, because our weather doesn't really change until April.The photo you have shared is beautiful.

Well, until tomorrow, have a great day.
Hugs and blessings,

Farm Girl said...

Oh Sue, how you brighten my day! My bee stings are finally going away, but do they itch. I am so glad you got your room finished, think how nice it will be to sleep in a clean room. I am looking forward to Friday. I want to tackle my front flower bed. I got bulbs planted in my back flower bed. I know that it is nice now but it will be back to cold next week. I look forward to next post.