Monday, March 8, 2010

Blooming Monday

This is a picture of the nectarine tree, it puts on quite
a show, but it's fruit isn't that great. It is such a nice
tree I just keep it for the blooms.

I can't believe it is already Monday. Today, I read this,

" The call still comes to us: Take up your cross and come with Me.
With You, Lord? Yes, with Me. Will you give me strength and show me the way?
That was my promise---is it My custom to break promises?"
(A Lamp for My Feet, p.118)

"And he who does not take his cross
and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."
(Matthew 10:38)

Mondays are hard for me to do this, pick up my cross.
I have so much work to do and I fail to see that
whatever it is that I am doing I can use it as a
form of worship. But so often on Mondays my heart
is like a log-jam so filled with grumpiness I miss
the gifts.
Like that beautiful tree blooming away, as I
dash through the day never even looking outside
and smelling the perfect perfume that will be gone
ever so quickly.
So today, as a reminder to my self, I will stop, and
use everything as a way to say Thank you to God
for all of His gifts.
Have a happy Monday!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for this encouragement! In Streams in the Desert this morning, I was reminded that God walks before us in every trial, no matter how mundane..I was struggling with Monday, too! It is my house cleaning day, I got up early to start cleaning and figured I had an hour to clean before the kids woke up, and three minutes into the bathroom, the baby woke up crying and hungry! But I got to sit and read Scripture, so I am rejuevated already. Have a blessed day serving your family!