May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Monday, June 7, 2010


This is Sasha, and she is not my dog. She is my
youngest sons dog. I have this problem and I tried
not to let it happen with Sasha. I stayed away from her
when she was a puppy. I didn't pet her or feed her,
and I didn't talk to her. I let her sleep in my son's room
until he wasn't sleeping at night because she was hogging
the bed and the pillows.
I don't know how it happened, but she started hanging
around with me last summer.
She became my dog. Now she goes everywhere I go,
she helps me with the chickens, she helps me water the
garden, she walks with me in the morning.

The other day when the babies were all here, my grandson
was fooling around with my other dog. Who is my dog.
Shelby was behind my chair and she is old, and blind, and deaf.
She isn't a good kid dog anymore. We were outside on the patio,
when Shelby went bad dog and attacked the boy. Before any of us
could move, Sasha was on top of Shelby with her pinned down to the
ground. We grabbed kids and I put Shelby in the house.

We were watching T.V. one night and Shelby was asleep behind
my chair and a baby started crying on TV and Sasha jumped up
and started growling at Shelby. Even if the boys are upstairs and she
hears something like a kid crying she will race upstairs.
She herds Shelby out of the room if the grandbabies are playing and
she always puts her self in between Shelby and the kids.

Saturday I was cleaning my chicken coop and I had chickens everywhere,
and I looked over and Sasha was almost flat on the ground with all of my
new hens on top of her back and all around her. They were afraid of
my older hens but not the dog.

Needless to say, I am very attached to this dog. She is very active so I have
to go walk in the mornings, she makes me get outside when I might not want
to and she makes me laugh. When I do have to put my older dog to sleep,
it is going to be very hard, but not so bad because we have Sasha.
My older dog wasn't this bad until last year when she got sprayed in the face
by a skunk, in less than a year, she went from being a happy, carefree dog,
to one who has gone blind and deaf. It breaks my heart. Has this ever
happened to anyone out there that has had a dog get sprayed from a skunk.
Or was my dog just getting old and it was sort of like a perfect storm, it just
happened. To loose an animal has and is one of the hardest things to do. It has
always been that way. When my raccoon died I bet I cried for 6 months. I don't
know if I would feel that way now, because raccoons eat chickens, but then,
I didn't have chickens. I still get a little weak kneed if I see a raccoon tail on
a car antenna.

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. Lovely post about Sasha! She is a good dog. I believe when pets get old, it seems to happen suddenly, even thought they are very old. I don't know about getting sprayed by a skunk, though! And putting a beloved pet to sleep is so very hard. Good luck, you will know when the time is right for Shelby.

    ~ Lynn

  2. Sasha will forever be my favorite dog for the way she rescued my little man. I'm still amazed she did that.

  3. She is a very good dog, and coming from me, that's saying something. :-)

  4. I love that Sasha-girl for protecting your grandbaby! I feel bad for Shelby, it is terrible getting old, losing your senses like that. (I know, I have a hearing loss that I have been dealing with for years.) It is so hard to lose a pet who has become a family member. But the Lord will give you direction when it's time to say good-bye. I know you have given Shelby a wonderful life.

  5. it's funny how the dogs sometimes
    choose us, and that the ones we
    don't expect become the best
    protectors and companions.

    sweet story.

  6. Kim darling you are way to kind, in fact by calling me a visionary ... Well I think that may have been the best compliment anyone has ever giving me in my life time, Really I think that is the best ever.

    I have to look it up, I know what it means, but not sure I ever thought of myself that way. I always think I over think things and it takes me much longer to to create do to the perfectionist in me :)

    I love it over here and would your garden goods not be tasty off the bird plates!

    Be inspired daily girlie,
    make you week a great soulful one :)


  7. Hi Kim, I just love Sasha, We are looking us a new dog, since our German Shepherd was stolen . I asked my dh if we could get a Border Collie, and he said yes, but to wait until we get back from our son's wedding in July.
    I love the way Sasha is so protective. I am so sorry for Shelby, and I have not experienced anything with the skunk spraying. I wish I could help.
    Hope you had a great day.
    Much love ,

  8. What a good dog! I love Border Collies, and I love it that she worked ,and waited patiently, to win your heart!


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