Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walking Around On A Wednesday

I was walking around on Wednesday morning and I saw
this up in the branches of one of the trees. It was a really
big wasp nest but it was empty. I wonder if we have something
that lives out here that is more aggressive than a wasp.
There wasn't any brood left in it either, just like my bee hive.

Last night was fun. They are a nice group of people. I feel so old
the company is a young company and because it is a engineering
company it is made up of young people starting on the career path.

I apologize for the picture quality of these pictures. I was embarrassed
to go around with my camera, around people I don't know.

I love how the ceiling is round in the part where the choir
and the pastor used to stand. It has now became the stage.
I love how the wood beams are so dark and I love the little
curved windows at the top. They are stained glass.

Up there where that wood panel is used to be where they
kept the huge pipe organ. It is in the new church and it is massive.
They still have incredible Christmas productions with that
beautiful pipe organ. But that is the place they used
to keep it.
You can't see very well but underneath is where the bar is now.
As bars go, I suppose it is pretty too with all of the wood they used
to match the wood up on top.

This is a little sitting area they have out in the
entry. The Stain glass window is just beautiful.
But I took the picture so I could have a picture of this
chair. I want some chairs like this and I need a
reference picture in the someday years when I ever
go looking for furniture. This is a matching set.

If you click on the picture you can see the contestants
up on stage wearing the hard hats and you can even see
the bats they got to hit themselves and the other
people in the head to answer a question. It was nice
light fun.

Last year for a Christmas gift the company gave out I Pod
Touches. My husband was so excited and I think so was everyone
in the company.
Last night they gave out Amazon Kindle's. It is pretty nice looking.
I am a book person though. I will figure out how to use it but it
means buying more books from Amazon and I am a go to the library
kind of person. It is very nice though.

I am kinda loopy today. So I hope this makes some kind of sense.
I am a 10 hour sleep kinda person and I haven't slept much in the last
week and then I don't stay out late and I did last night. I also drank
coffee late. I never do that either so I feel all at odd angles right now.
I just wanted to share.

Now onto this day, the dog has been really patient so now we have to
go for a long walk.

Enjoy your day!


myletterstoemily said...

hi! my name is lea, and i require 9-10 hours
of sleep, too. sometimes i envy those who
get by without it, but "i amsk, what i amsk!"

it sounds like you had lots of fun, even though
everyone else was younger. what a gorgeous
place for a banquet!

i love to be with younger women. they always
so worried about doing something wrong, and
i like to say, "there, there, it will all come out
fine in the wash."

hope you get a nice nap today. :)

TexWisGirl said...

Lea's comment above made me laugh. Yes, I remember the days of youth and worrying if I wore the right thing, said the right thing, looked just right... Now, like you, I'm more worried about the sleep I'm missing being out past my bedtime. :)

Farm Girl said...

So true, When I was younger it took me weeks to find the right clothes. Last night, I changed into clothes I bought 3 years ago. I thought really no one cares. It was true too, I doubt if anyone even noticed. I was also concerned about not being in bed at my usual bedtime. I am glad I am not alone.

Julia said...

Kim, I'm so glad that you had a nice time at the party. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the place.

Ten hours of sleep??? No wonder you"re beautiful Kim. YOU GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP. On average I get about six and a half hours of sleep every night, especially now since I've started blogging.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I always appreciate your comments. They always put a smile on my face. JB

Patrice said...

Take a rest today, my friend!

Meg said...

Wow, dad got a kindle?? That's amazing! I'm glad you had a fun night. It seems so sad that a church is now a party hall, complete with bar. said...

Oh the pictures are great! What fun!! It also keeps you young doesn't it to be around young people? You know from being around your own. It also so encourages me that I made it through that age...they do need some of us grey hairs around!

The building is just beautiful!!! I would have been looking everywhere taken mental notes to come back to my son with....building ideas.

I hope you have some rest today...I am an eight to 9 hour person!!!

Enjoy the kindle...all these new techno gifts. The world will never go backwards.

Kim said...

What a beautiful place for an event. Glad it wasn't as terrible as you were anticipating.
You will love the kindle. I was planning on ordering one for Christmas but there is a 9 week delivery to Canada and I waited too long so I will buy one later.
Hubby's company is generous. Our Christmas bonus is just sad!

Kessie said...

Thanks for taking pictures and sharing it with us! I've always wondered what it looked like in there. :-)