Monday, December 13, 2010

Odds and Ends Tuesday

I wanted you to see the silver pine-cones I painted
yesterday. I had a idea that if I painted them and added
a string of lights they would look very pretty in a basket.
I thought they turned out really nice. I am all for easy.

My kids all left today to go see Harry Potter. My house
was such a disaster area, I stayed home. I have it looking
nice again but I have worked non stop all day. It warmed up
enough I even opened some doors and windows.

Yesterday I did some other odd crafts. I thought you might like
to see them.

I don't know if I am wild about this guy, but for a few
more days he is fine. I am fast approaching
tired of crafting mode. Today when I looked around
my house and my table tops were covered in patterns,
and stencils and paint bottles. I went that is it, I am cleaning
this house and getting it back to normal.

I made these funny looking snow men and I was going to
just put them up, but my kids liked them so much they
begged me to keep them with my glass snowman
as a body guard. I walked in one day to see one of my son's
saying " Quit staring at me" as he punched him and the snow man fell over.
He looked sheepish and said, "He was staring." :)
My daughter will come in and I will watch her moving them around
so they offer the big snow man better protection.

So I will keep them just because my kids make me laugh.
I don't know if I am wild about a very quiet house. I went outside
and let my chickens out so I could talk to them while I painted.
I moved my latest painting projects outside to the patio.
My daughter and her family are in Virginia with her in-laws and
I have her bird. He is in the garage bathroom. I open the door so
he can have someone to yell at. Since he hates me with a passion
he just screams. I figure it is a good work out.

I heard the mockingbird outside my window early this morning practicing
Cockatiel shrieks. So after the bird goes to live at his house, the mockingbird
will remember.
That is all from my fence post this afternoon. I hope you are getting all your
Christmas things done that you want too this year.
So from me to you, have a blessed day.


TexWisGirl said...

You can return to non-craft mode (now that I have my one treasure!) :)

Patrice said...

The snowmen on either side of the big guy only need a little wire going to their earpiece and they'd look like Secret Service! Maybe the Blues Brothers.

You aren't going to start spray painting your chickens, are you? LOL

Your silly friend,
Patrice said...

HA! I love this Kim... and I'm with you, I did the craft thing last year till I was sick of all my creativity, so it's all sitting in the garage in bins till the next mood hits. It may be a long time! :)

I LOVE the basket of sprayed pine cones with the lights... such a good, eazy and beautiful idea.

Meg said...

Oh my gosh those sunglasses snowmen are hilarious! LOL!

Unknown said...

I just love coming here to read what you've written for the day. You crack me up, woman! And, you have a way of reaching into my heart. Keep on truckin!

Jacque. said...

oops, sorry, I was signed in under my etsy google name (BrenandJacq)...sorry for the confusion. It's just me.

Kessie said...

Haha! I knew he'd get booted out to the garage bathroom! Your soft heart only lasted two days, eh?

Kim said...

LOVE the Secret Service snowmen. Very cool! have a bathroom in the garage?? Lol. Fancy!

Diana Ferguson said...

Love this post!!

Dawn said...

Snowmen are my absolute favorite! I'm with your kids...begging them to stay:)

Verde Farm said...

Kim the pinecone basket is so pretty. Love the light idea. Your crafts are wonderful. The snowmen with shades--my favorite. No wonder the kids wanted to keep them out--they are the coolest decorations I’ve ever seen. Glad you had some time with the birds today and you will have the sound of the visiting bird forevermore, forevermore :)

Sue said...

Good Morning Kim,
Your pinecones turned out beautifully, I like the idea of putting lights in the basket with them.Loved the snowmen and how the kids interacted with them. Your hands are always busy and I am amazed at your gifts and talents.
I read your story of Wally, and enjoyed it sooooo much.just wish I had one of your lattes while I was reading it.
I am so jealous of your weather, we were in the teens last night with chill factor to zero. eeek! Today we will not be above freezing. We went from warm to freezing and that is not suppose to happen, but I am so thankful we are not experiencing blizzards like some, I have been praying for them.
Much love,

Debbie said...

Good morning! I enjoyed this as I do all of your posts. I know what you mean about a mood being over. I have to stike when the mood to sew hits me cuz I know it will pass and I will put it all away for months, haha. When I was young (and REALLY didn't have the time) the machine was never down. I stole in there to sew every chance I got. Now that I actually have time, the interest is rarely there, haha...go figure. I opening my windows a few days ago and they are STILL open. Pretty weird for December. My daughter has a REALLY good friend whose family owns a dairy farm and they live in Bakersfield. Maybe you know them...the Boshma's? Such a wonderful family. I loved the pine cones btw. ENJOY your day...Hugs, Deb said...

Sounds get the boy thing, that would have happened here also. I love the sunglasses on them. Well I only did a few crafts, but I will be cooking. I made marshmallows yesterday...a first! My four year old just laughed in delight. We will see if they are any good. Today is cookies for the caroling party.
Quiet...isn't that so funny! I get lost when my house is quiet...and I still have not adjusted to only two...I waste so much time and then feel so is sooooooooooo different to be going 24/7.
I think we will head to the new Narnia movie this week.
Have a great day!

Miss Debbie said...

Hey, Sweet Kim...I can't believe the bird hates you...that made me snicker! I know it felt good to get your house straight....hope it stays that way for more than a few minutes!! ha! ha! I remember what it was like having kids in the house! I love snowmen...even ones that STARE! :-)

mariel said...

as usual...i LOVE your craftiness!! your winter stuff is as fun as your fall stuff was :)