Monday, December 27, 2010

The Field of Dreams

I was out this morning, walking around in the cold, but
the sun is shining and the air has such a nice smell to it.
Clean and rain washed and the smell of damp earth. When I
opened the door this morning and the smell came to me,
I knew I had to spend the first part of my morning, in
the field of dreams. It never fails to disappoint.

There was this sunflower coming up and as I looked at it
I realized why sunflowers are my favorite flower. That sunflower
has been through big storms, wind and rain. The ground is hard right
now and the sun doesn't shine very much. Yet, it does what it supposed
to do, grow and produce blooms to reproduce. To have seeds for new

I want to be like that sunflower, I want to grow even when the sun doesn't
shine, I want to remain rooted strong even when the floods and cold comes.
I want to always be reproducing fruit for the vine grower. I want to be able
to always keep my face turned toward the son. I love Sunflowers.

I didn't know if you have ever saw fruit from a Strawberry
Tree. They looks so pretty but they aren't that good to eat.
I went to a botanical garden down in San Diego. They had
a huge one growing and I was so intrigued I knew I needed
one in the field of dreams. Most of them fall off I think our
weather is to hot. These got ripe though and I was pretty happy
to be able to show them to you.

The sky was so blue this morning and I love how the
sky looked through the limbs on the tree with this yellow
leaf still hanging on. Sometimes in December I feel like
I barely held on but this year was so nice to be able to
look out and see the blue sky and know I made it.

This is a hollyhock that is growing in the garden.
It is crumpled because of the cold and rain but it still
shines in the early morning light. My eyes kept being drawn
back to it as I walked. The green with the moisture still
on the leaves.

I think one of the reasons I put my Christmas things away is
I need this week to return from all the places I have strayed.
My relationship with God has gotten stale. Not because He moved,
but because I was to busy to spend time with Him. Did you ever read that
little book and it presents a picture of Jesus waiting for you beside your
favorite chair and you go racing by telling Him you will be right back.
But like me, in December, I never come back. I will grab a bit of a verse
as I go by but I do not sit and have a meal. My soul begins to dry up.

I am this week able to look at my life in the light of a new year. Did I accomplish
what I wanted? Did I stray down paths that weren't good? Did God have to use
the hammer, the chisel and the rasp because my heart was too hard and my ears
wouldn't listen to his voice?
Was I happy with what I did accomplish and always, I want to do a better job.

I think as I end this pondering post I would have to ask myself these things.
Does my faith depend on having every prayer answered as I think it should be
answered, or does it rest rather in the character of a sovereign Lord?
My prayer still remains: Teach me to receive thankfully those things in my life
that cannot be changed.

I think always at the end of December my prayer always is this:
"For I have learned in whatever state I am,
to be content."
(Philippians 4:11)

I will add this disclaimer, most of my thoughts are not my own but what I read from
Elisabeth Elliot, she has already said what needs to be said, and I am but a
incompetent forger.



Kim said...

I love reading your posts. You have this amazing ability to look at a young sunflower plant, yet see so much more - deep down to the root. It is a gift and a blessing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams.

Dawn said...

Beautiful and thoughtful post, Kim. Thank you.
And that magnificent. Isn't it wonderful that when we do stray from Him even a little...He still blesses us with simple and beautiful gifts every where we turn? Just little nudges and reminders of who He is and who He can be in our lives if we make time....
I love this. Thank you!

Julia said...

Kim, you remain on the right path even when you get distracted by the glitterings of this world because you are human like all of us. Being with God is doing something kind to another person, an encouraging word to someone who needs encouragement and doing your best . Being with God is not a just a relationship with a person and God, it's about relationship with others while doing the will of God. I's how we use this relationship with others, with God at the center as I understand it. I'm positive that you see God in nature every day and you are always grateful for his creation. God's Spirit is smiling on you Kim. Have a great day. JB

Patrice said...

I'm so glad you were able to get out without being pounded by rain! There is something so clean and refreshing after rain. My walk will not happen today. There is only about two inches of snow on the ground, but the winds are ferocious!

Don't worry that you have strayed, your posts certainly don't reflect that.Sometimes you go to Him and learn. Sometimes, you take what you have learned and share it. You do that here!

TexWisGirl said...

I'm with the previous 2 commenters. You have a wonderful way of weaving every day life into your Christian studies (or vice versa). And I liked Dawn's point that no matter if we're paying attention or not, God gives us so much beauty to remind us to come back into line with where we need to be. :)

Debbie said...

This was a great post and I am right there with you on several of your thoughts and points. December is such a busy month and no matter what I try to do I always end up too busy. The time whips by and I have sadly neglected my quiet time these last several days. But the house is empty this morning as everyone has finally left, and I have found myself back to my favorite chair and my bible drinking it all up like I was thirsting to death. Don't know why I do that to myself??? And yet, the good part...He waits there patiently and welcomes me back readily, and is the constant I can always count on. Have a good week....HUGS, Debbie

Kessie said...

I'm so glad you were able to get outside. I haven't been outside in two weeks, not properly outside, anyway. I can kind of vicariously experience it through your nice pictures.

I think I need to get my relationship with God going again, too. I think I'm flagging so bad here at the end because I got too busy for Him.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

God is always there for us. Even when we get caught up with life.

Verde Farm said...

Kim, what a great post. God is so good, he forgive us when we pass that chair too often. What beautiful blessings he left you in the field of dreams this morning. That holly hock is just beautiful. What an inspiring walk :)
Hugs, Amy

WhiteWhispers2u said...

very nice! We have rain, rain and some wind. I miss going out to feel the warm air.Now if it were snow I would be so happy.~Cheers Kim

Jennifer said...

That strawberry tree is incredible! Great picture. Thank you for the reminder to feast on the Lord's Word. I felt that way, too. I finally got back this morning and my soul is at peace. He is faithful even when I am not.