Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just A Couple of Things

I was out shopping and I passed by a Starbucks
with people lined out the door and at least 10 cars in
the drive through. I could smell the heavenly smell of
coffee wafting through the air and I wanted a Peppermint
Latte so bad. But being cheap I guess, I have a perfectly
good coffee maker at home and I was on my way to Smart
and Final I decided I would pay four bucks for a whole bottle of
Torani Syrup.

They were out of peppermint so I got Creme de Menthe.
I came home and made coffee, I added a bit of honey as I
don't like sugar and a tablespoon of syrup some milk and
a dollop of whipped cream, I had a candy cane I smashed up
with a handle of a wooden spoon and sprinkled it on top.
I had my own Peppermint Latte. I bet I will get sick of
this flavor way before Christmas is over.

My next thing I want to show you is my very first tutorial.
I want to show you how to make faux metal looking vases.
When the girls got married, I had vases left over. From my daughters
wedding hers were pink and white. I am not a real fan of pink anything
so I just stuck them in the shed. Then I saw how with spray paint
you can make anything any color you want.
So I went and dug out a pink and white vase. I washed and dried them.

I took them outside to this old desk my husband found
on a walk out by a dumpster and brought home. It is my outside
work bench.
Get some silver spray paint, I wanted metal looking containers.

I use food grade gloves because I am a slob and I get paint
all over me. I also hate the smell of rubber gloves.

Put them on outside using the wrong hand and try to
take a picture.

Then take the spay paint and spray the inside only.
With paint. Don't get it on the outside. If you want the look
of old mercury glass take a stick and a bit of paper towel and
dab it a bit until it is a bit clear but still silver.

Then you have two matching containers that look
like metal. I have been using mine for pencils and paint
brushes. Oh, I forgot, let them dry real good.
Then because you already have your gloves on and the paint
in your hand.

Spray all of the pine-cones that you have collected
and make them look all nice. Then you notice the rock
you hit with over spray and figure you might as well paint
that silver too.

Then stand there and let your mind wander to the scene
in Goldfinger when that lady is gold on the bed. My Mom and Dad
took me to the show when I was little and I am still scared of that movie.

There now you have a vase. I am so glad I learned this
trick because next time someone gets married, I will be
able to go pick up vases at yard sales and just change the color
with a can of spray paint.
Glass looks so pretty. I was tempted to try some of my bigger
vases, but decided to wait until another day.

The sun came out for a little bit today. The rest of California
is having a heat wave. Not us this is how it looked this morning.

We have fog and cold. The beaches are in the
upper 80s.

Have a great week.


Verde Farm said...

What a GREAT idea. I love mercury glass so I would dab and scratch some of it off like you suggested. One idea I was thinking was--if they have the high temperature metal spray paint, you could do it and make a candle holder perhaps. Spray paint is the best.
PS--that latte sounds so good. I’m gonna make a cafe’ mocha before it gets to late :)

TexWisGirl said...

Love your step-by-step of the spray painting - including the rock! LOL! You're too crafty...

Julia said...

Kim, you did the tutorial like a pro, bravo.
I went shopping today and saw some primitive bird houses, and snowmen with skis made out of wood and other decorations and thought of you. I'm sure you could do that, no problem. You don't like pink and I don't like sweet drinks. I can tolerate a hot chocolate as long as it's not too sweet. JB

Patrice said...

My clever friend!

Meg said...

LOL! Best tutorial ever! I do like them much better spray painted. They're very nice. And I like how you painted the rock too.

Kim said...

The coffee sounds great. I cringe at Starbucks prices too. Now....that vase is HOT. Love it. So now I know you are fearless with color and a spray can! Next time be fearless with a hook! LOL

Miss Debbie said...

Great idea! I laughed about the rock! :-) It is cold here... real cold. Hasn't been out of the 30's for a few days now. They are predicting 14 Tues morning! Brrrrrrr!

Kessie said...

I think what cracked me up was the Goldfinger reference completely out of left field. Great tutorial, too! I'd have never thought of painting the inside of the vase and not the outside. said...

This is why aren't you closer to try things with me. I attacked dollar store white candles with my Bahama Blue stray add the blue to my Christmas
I love this and I have some of those vases, so I need to try it also!!
34 degrees this morning...I took all my tomatoes off my plants last was going to drop in the 20s...they didn't get a chance to turn red, but I have so many I must make green salsa

Have a great day and thanks for sharing!! I am impressed

Debbie said...

WOW These look wonderful! I had no idea you could spray paint glass. What a good thing to know cuz I am sure it will come up. I like your pine-cones too...and the fact that you have an outside workbench. How handy would that be? Yes, we are having a heat wave...quite weird for December...went to a birthday party and all the kids were wearing shorts and the parents had on flip flops. Gorgeous actually as it was about 80. Just doesn't feel "Christmasy" though. But last year at that same child's birthday party it was POURING down rain and everyone was huddled inside. Soo much better this year, haha. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

Dawn said...

Those are beautiful! What a great are so crafty!

As for that yummy drink....You sound like me. Glad to hear that someone else is out there willing (and cheap;) to make their own drink and keep 5$ in your pocket:) CHEERS!!!