June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here is our Christmas Tree. I don't realize how big
it is until I tried to get a picture of it. Standing across
the room.

This is my snowman. I love him. When I was brand new
married, my husband's grandmother did green-ware and she
made him for me. Now that she is gone he is more precious
to me. She made beautiful things.

I know this isn't a good picture of my Three Wise
Men, we went to Michigan when my husband had to
go to work there and after his work finished up we
rented a car and drove all over Michigan. We went up
to the upper Peninsula and even went to the Grand Hotel
on Mackinac Island. On our way back we went to
this little town and we went to a Christmas store and
in this store they had these Three Wise Men. I have
never seen them again, so I am glad I bought them when I did.

I really like my elephant that goes with this set.
The kids when they were small would get me pieces each
year for Christmas. I got this set because they are plastic
and I wanted my kids to be able to handle them and play with
them because it gave me a chance to tell them the story
of the birth of Jesus over and over.

This is the very first part of the set. When I was a new
bride my sister-in-law got this for me. I wasn't a Christian
yet so it meant so much more to me when I finally became one.

One of my favorite series of books is a series beginning
with At Home In Mitford, by Jan Karon. This is the
Lord's Chapel from that series where Father Tim preached.

This is his house that he lives in and across the hedge
from him his new neighbor moves in who is named
Cynthia and she writes childrens books.

I found out what my new grand baby is going to be
but I have to wait until she announces it on her blog.
So it has to be a secret. I am over joyed let me tell you.
Every thing looked good. She is leaving for Virginia on
Saturday to spend the holidays with her husband's family.
I am so glad we got to find out today.

Go here to find out. http://carrollsallyear.blogspot.com/

Have a great Friday.



  1. love the pics...always a joy to visit your home :)

  2. Kim, what a treasure the wisemen are. I loved looking at all of your decorations. And congratulations on the grand-baby.

  3. congrats on the happy news on your grandbaby! sounds like a good pre-Christmas present! :)

  4. Kim, thanks for giving us a little tour of your home Christmas decorations. I love your tree and your ceramic Snowman.

    I love the fact that your grand mother made ceramics. The term greenware is the clay form before it is fired in a kiln at high temperature then it becomes bisque and then the glaze is applied and fired again and it becomes ceramic. I used teach ceramic in my home studio before I got into manufacturing only greenware.

    Congratulations on your new expected grand child. JB

  5. We have the same Nativity set! I love the piece of furniture to the left of the tree. So pretty. Okay, who plays the piano? There are 3 in my house who play. After a few years of lessons, I'm not one of them!

  6. Isnt' it amazing how much favorite Christmas items give us comfort.

  7. Ahh, all the familiar knick-knacks. I miss that Nativity set. I played with it for so many hours. I wish I could have one just like it for my munchkins to play with.

  8. Yay for grand babies:))

    I really like that elephant!

  9. I loved looking at your favorite things. The wise men are a real find. How beautiful they are...I am going to put mine up this morning if all goes as planned, haha...How exciting they know what they are having...and even more so that you know...Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

  10. Loved your decorations Kim, and like you the ones made and given have so much more meaning.They always bring back wonderful memories. Your comment to me about your grandson laying on your lap and expressing his love of Christmas touched me so much, and you letting them take home some decorations home is priceless!! What a wonderful grandmother you are.
    I always enjoyed decorating for our grandchildren, and always let them enjoy them too. I was always so blessed when they would come and their eyes would light up seeing the decorations. And every evening at dusk, they would go around and turn the lights on.
    I am so excited for you on the new g-baby coming.

    I just read your post about your Mother, and my heart is so full, what a loving tribute you have written. Thank you for letting me get to know her, she sounds just like my mother.

    As always I leave encouraged, inspired and blessed.

  11. Oh everything is just beautiful...I too wanted my kids to play and handle the nativity...so mine is in wood. What a beautiful set you have!
    Well congrads on the new grand....and so excited for you all!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. hi kim!

    i love all your glorious Christmas decorations, especially
    the elephant!

    i am a devoted father tim fan, too, and am reading her
    most recent book right now. it's set in ireland and lush
    with beautiful verses and descriptions of the country.

    thank you for praying.


  13. Tree is pretty and I love snowmen....they are my favorite! It is great that your nativity is "child friendly". I bought a little one that I put on a low table so the grands can play with it and, as you said,we can talk about Jesus! Went to the doc this morning...got some rx's so maybe I will feel better in a day or two. Thanks for thinking of me...and for sharing your favorite things!

  14. I love your elephant - that looks really unique.
    I also love your blog name - I love all things farm, too. I noticed we have a few things in common. I'll come back to see you again and read more.
    If you would like to visit me, I have a blog over at HSB, I only have an empty template here.

  15. Kim, I did just go visit your profile, and we have more things in common than I realized! Married 30+years, six kids, grandbabies....

  16. Hi Dear Friend, I’ve missed you this week. Love your nativity scene and the wise men-those are gorgeous. Your tree is so pretty-I love it. Congratulation on your grand baby--how wonderful is that? What a wonderful Granny you will be. That is a great Christmas present :)
    Missed you this week!
    Hugs, Amy


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