June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, December 6, 2010

All Things New

When I first started blogging, I came across a lady, and
she was lamenting that someone had unfollowed her. I didn't
really understand what she was talking about but she
was hurt. I thought, "man I hope that never happens to me."
Now it has, twice in two days. I have walked around second guessing
myself, feeling stupid and really dumb.
Then I ask myself, " And who's glory were you writing this for?"
I step back and see that I never started this silly blog to make
myself look good, I started it to give Glory to God. To show the
world that a Christian stay at home Mom, who has been teaching
her children for the last 22 years can carry on a conversation and hopefully
have fun in the process.

So today as I thought about what I would say in this blog, I went back to where
I was a year ago. On the day I wrote this post a year ago, I didn't have one comment
because as I said, I was writing for the Glory of God. I was okay, because in
my mind, that was all that mattered.
I thought today that I would post what I wrote a year ago, because in a year,
I have changed. I just want you to know that I apologize if I have hurt or said or have
done anything that might have caused pain. I never meant to, really.
So here is my post for one year ago.

All Things New

This is how the sun looked coming up this morning through the trees, it looks like a very nice December morning. The air is cold and the ground is frosty and my field of dreams looks beautiful in her winter clothes. Her trees are decked out in gold and there was even diamonds on the fence truly I have riches untold.

Some people have prayer closets, I guess you could call my field of dreams my very large prayer closet. I go there and it has heard many, many prayers, my only hope has been the neighbors behind don't see me as the nutty woman who walks out there.
God saw fit to take my Mom home last night. Today, I am so thankful there is no more pain and no more suffering. The weight is gone from my chest and this is the first morning in so long I could take a deep breath.
I understand the passage when David is on his knees begging for his sons life then the news comes that God has taken his son home and David gets up off of his knees and washes his face and eats and they ask him why when the child still lived he mourned, and he told them that he would see his son again when he went to him,( very badly paraphrased).
Today is new morning, There is one more added to the "great cloud of witnesses," waiting for me in heaven, now I must be about this business of living.
We have storms coming in this next week, we have Christmas before us and the trials are behind us and God is still faithful and joy did come in the morning.
That is where I was that day. God has given me again riches untold. I thank God for each
one of you every day. I thank you for your loving comments and for your lives that have
given me such joy. You have helped me to heal from this day so I just wanted you know
how thankful I am that you share your time with me.

Blessings today,



  1. Funny, I recently was "un-followed" by someone too and I wondered what I had done or said to insult them or turn them off or whatever. Then I decided I couldn't look at this as trying to be popular or please everyone or I'd make myself into this plastic person that wasn't being herself. And I decided it was just a matter of time - that that person needed to pare down on their blogs to devote quality time to their favorites. And I can completely understand.

    So you just keep doing what you're doing and remembering why you're doing it. We all need to remember not to take things too personally. :)

  2. P.S. What a memory from a year ago.... Hugs to you.


  4. I am moved by reading your words of a year ago. So personal, so honest, so brave. Your words touch people everyday. You never know who is reading and what troubles they may be facing and how your posts and insights might help them.
    I think we have all lost a follower from time to time. We cannot please everyone and you should NOT be second guessing yourself.

  5. Kim. I love you. I love your blog. I love your field of dreams.

  6. oh this is rich Kim... the heart you expressed a year ago is the same heart I see in you day by day as you walk your 'field of dreams' and express it on this blog.

    It's for sure I won't un-follow you!! :)

  7. Kim, you are known by the company you keep like my mom used to say. Those who stick by you are those who care for how you live your life and approve. Some people don't care much for the good book and the narrow path, They are looking for something else.

    I love your blog and count myself blessed by reading your positive and soul nourishing daily posts and I always look forward to it.

    Some people may be just joiners and jump in without checking out if it's for them and find themselves bored. I don't think it's anything you said. I think it was a square trying to fit into a circle. My 2 cents worth. JB

  8. Don't let it bother you...Some unfollow because of health reasons and or lost their jobs and they feel out of place..I have lost a couple this week and have no clue..It use to bother me alot to..It hit me to the core at first..I have one that comes and goes and I don't know the reason for it.. Write from the heart like you did with your first post..You are touching people. Have a great day...Lisa

  9. First, I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. She's in God's hands.

    Regarding "follow", I have thought about this a lot lately. What kind of person am I becoming by worrying about followers? Ideally, lots of folks would follow us and we could happily write on and on. Still, a handful of friends is more important than numbers. I feel like I have some friends on my followers list. All of them? Heck no, but there are about seven people who I think might miss me if I wasn't blogging. That's easy for me to write here, but I still find myself wanting numbers so I can review things and have other opportunities that may arise.

    The whole follow thing can be quite crazy. I just entered some giveaways and had to follow. There is nothing personal, friendly, or encouraging about mandatory following. I follow you and you might give me goodies. My dog has that theory! I visited a blog who declared on her home page that she got rid of the following section of her blog because she thought it was bogus and she wanted people to visit because they liked what she wrote, drew, and photographed. I read that and sat there quietly trying to digest it. I mentioned it to my daughter and she said I needed to have followers so my new posts could appear on the dashboards of folks who wanted to read my blog. Hmm? Don't know, don't know!I'm still pondering this one and will be for a while.

    I love the sunrise photo and the yellow tree!

    Back to "followers", I am 5'10" tall, so I count for two followers. If I keep eating Christmas cookies, I will give you even higher numbers! There you have it- I've got you covered!


  10. p.s. I didn't mean the cookies would make me taller, just WIDER!

  11. I will unfollow some blogs just because their subject isn't what I'm interested in at the moment (I've unfollowed most of the finance blogs, but have added a lot of cooking blogs right now.) They are probably just changing their interests and it really has nothing to do with you in particular.

    Gosh, I can't believe it's been a year already. It seems like that whole time was just so foggy. I'm glad we'll all get to see her again someday!

  12. Check this out, my friend!


  13. Your post from a year ago was lovely and heart felt. Sometimes I think I write that a lot on peoples blog, but I mean it and believe that their posts mean something to them. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit.

  14. I agree...I always enjoy the visit here!

  15. Gosh, that was a year ago. I still can't believe she's gone. Makes me cherish my remaining family that much more.

  16. Oh I want to hug you.
    I know how you feel. I just was thinking of this and how I feel about keeping everyone "happy".
    I'm exhausted from trying -so I'm not.
    I started this blog as my "journal" of sorts. For no one in particular. I want it to stay that way.
    It seems all my life I have tried to "do" the right thing, now I want to sit back and enjoy the "doing" instead.
    Blog on my dear friend. Regardless of followers, just follow your field of dreams:)
    lots of them
    Thanks for your wonderful posts and photos.

  17. Kim, You are so precious and you have such a tender heart. I am blessed with every visit. My mom died 29 years ago, my dad this past July. So, I can relate to every word of your post. I remember having that same feeling of being able to breathe....it was finally over.They were at peace and so was I because I also knew they would be waiting for me in Heaven!And,just so you know, I can't imagine not wanting to visit you everyday

  18. Oh Kim, I am touched once again by your blog. I feel like I say that every single day and the truth is--I do say it, because I am. I read your posts and they are so heartfelt and they expose you and your heart and soul and I love every single one. I've lost followers too and I felt the same way--what did I do wrong, what did I say? Then I realized they may have followed and then realized my blog wasn't their cup of tea or my focus is different than what they originally thought it was. I could lose follower after follower as long as I have friends like you to share with.

    I am feeling a little weird about my giveaway now--I didn't have it to mandate followers but really to do something fun for the people that do follow/support and share their lives with me. I would do a giveaway for everyone if I could and the sharing of stories for the giveaway have been beautiful. Maybe I should have just opened it up to anyone who felt like sharing--perhaps that would have been a better approach but I'm just learning as we all are.

    Don't you second guess yourself. The lady that wrote this first blog is the same lady I know today and I cherish her and look forward to her every single day :)
    Hugs and Love, Amy

  19. I do enjoy stopping by your blog. It has always been a blessing and I can tell you speak straight from your heart!

  20. Well I am late here....look at all these comments, I hope they are all confirmation of your blogging. I have had people "de-friend" me and I have done that myself...I just felt it was someone who realized they didn't have time, or they weren't reading me anyway...so no loss. I de-friend someone if I see I seem to never stop by their blog anymore...not to hurt or offend, but I want to get to the ones I enjoy and do read.

    So, so sorry over your loss! So glad God is the master of Healing and you know Him as your Savior.

    So glad you posted some of your older post...the ones without comments...I sent you one of my first post and as you saw it didn't have comments, and it was my heart...but that was fine, I didn't know any bloggers at that time.

    I love your prayer field...tears started coming to my eyes as I read that part...I could just see you walking through the field...oh, what a desire of my own heart!

    I hope all doubt has been erased....I can't imagine anything you could have said that would offend...if anything it is because someone has friended more blogs than they can keep up with!!

    Hugs today...lifting you up in prayer!! SO, so enjoyed getting to know you and so looking forward to more time with you on your blog...I enjoy my time here at your blog!!!
    Love you girl,

  21. Good Morning Kim,
    Once again you have touched my heart. I can't imagine anyone not following your blog, From the first time i visited you I have been, and continue to be inspired.
    I can only imagine how you are feeling from this loss of your mother especially at this time of year, and my heart hurts for you. God is so gracious to us, his children, He puts the balm of oils on our wounds to help us heal,and the friends you have met here in blogland is one of those oils. and he is using you through your healing to help us heal.

    God has given you the gift of writing, not only your thoughts, but His thoughts. You may never know how much the things you have shared have changed peoples lives. I am one who has had my life so enriched.May you continue to use your gift.
    Much love to you today.

  22. Well I have no idea if anyone has defriended me or not...haha...I am pretty sure they probably have...I do have a couple of women who were "regulars" ~ you know the ones that comment on every single post and who had written me personal e-mails and even called me on the phone during my surgery time etc.
    ` recently practically stop commenting me altogether...( they still occasionally slip in a one liner) Now I know they are still reading because my "friend finder" tells me they are, but they don't comment. They are definitely angry with me I guess because we disagreed over rather or not homosexuality is a sin....sigh....It REALLY bothers me that they have done this. And not just because I honestly considered them friends, but because I know their real anger is directed at God. I try to be sooo careful as I don't want to offend anyone, and it certainly is NEVER our job to judge, but sometimes you just have to stand up for Him and say what you KNOW in your soul to be truth. Right from the very beginning I wanted soo much for these women (in particular) to come to know Him as I just knew they didn't. I have continued commenting on theirs as if I don't notice their absence, haha, but I will tell you the truth it does hurt..At other times wondered if someone who was a regular had stopped visiting when suddenly I will get a LONG catching up comment from them...so I just try not to notice or pay much mind as to who comments or doesn't...we are only human though and for some of us it is hard not to take it personally....most of the people who follow my blog though I have no idea who they even are. When I follow I blog, I FOLLOW it, haha...Like yours my new friend. How I love coming here. I love hearing your thoughts and feeling your heart which you always can hear. Your post from a year ago makes me wish I'd been following you much longer...soo sweet. I love how you came to call this "your field of dreams"...Have a wonderful day....HUGS to you, Debbie


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