Thursday, December 2, 2010

Field of Dreams Friday

Don't ya just love Fridays! I can't believe this one will
be here so fast. I was asking my son about what time
he had classes and he looked at me funny and said,
It's Friday, next week is finals. I looked at him and
said, " Tomorrow is Friday?

That means I have been to busy each day to notice.
I really feel that all I do most days is go from room to
room making huge messes. I have been in my husband's
shed cutting out shapes on my saw I have sawdust
all over the place out there, I come in the house and
sand wood.
Besides being out in the cold, but the time I come back
in the warm house my hands don't want to unbend and
my bones seem stiff.

I did enlist my boys the other day to sand wood for me.
Then I have been painting in the kitchen. So I have my
table full of paint and brushes and stuff there.

I have also been cutting out things to sew, so I have all of
my material out and my sewing machine and I have
have been wrapping presents so my boxes are scattered
all over.

I think sometimes I am worse than a two year old. Except
I do clean it up when I am finished. But in December, I get up
in the morning to do it all over again.
My son told me that they were having a pot luck the next day
at school. I asked what he had signed up for and he said , "I didn't
because you are still sick." Which I am but you know that doesn't
make very interesting reading so I haven't talked about it, but lets
say, me and a fog horn well, I think we are related still.

So this morning, I baked for him to be able to take a tray to school. So
I really had a huge mess in my kitchen getting ready for him to
take something.

Then I have to brag on my dog. Today I was out in the cold spraying
wood sealer on my wood things I have been working on. You know
it was early and I am out there by myself with the dog.
This guy comes shooting in my driveway really fast. My driveway
is really long and we don't get many brave people that come down it.
He comes driving up really fast, and Sasha puts herself between me and
this guys truck. She is barking and standing her ground and won't let
him get out of the truck.
He looks kind of sheepish and says that he is working on a road
repair down the street and would I like a load of asphalt. Which
is so totally dumb and weird. You just don't drop off asphalt
it would be like having someone drop off a load of cement.

I said no thanks, but Sasha is really barking and her hair is
raised up on her back and I haven't ever really seen her act that way

The guys backs out of the driveway and takes off. Really I bet I scared
him worse that the dog, I was in my ole ratty coat that I use when I am working
in the cold, my hair well we won't go there, and well, I of course no make up in
the cold. I am also covered in sawdust. So between me and the dog, I bet
he went back and told his bosses, well you know ole Ma Kettle down the road.

Only I wasn't wearing a dress and my husband wasn't home.

I hope you have a lovely Friday. I have a nice story for my next
Christmas story picked.



Yolanda said...

It seems like the weeks just fly by. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

mariel said...

I am giving my testimony to 500+ ladies tomorrow night...I CAN believe it's Friday, but it DID get here too fast!! Yikes!! Pray for me to be calm :) said...

well I love your December...I so wish I could come play with you and create!! I think that is what December is all about...or it was in my house when I grew up...please share your creations
Have a great weekend!

TexWisGirl said...

You are such a mess-maker! Hope your hair appt. went well today! And glad your daughter put Photoshop on your pc for you to use! I'm anxious to hear how you like it and if it does all sorts of cool stuff you'll use.

We've actually had folks try to sell us asphalt before - they're bringing in big loads for someone down the street and wanting to know if we'd want to buy some (since they can make a lot more money if they fill the loads and just dump in 2 close-by spots). We've not gotten any, but our Neighbor Across the Road actually did and paved his front parking area and drive - just from a guy who was "working down the street." So sometimes they can be legit. But bravo to Ma Kettle and her dog too! :)

Jacque. said...

Well, at least you clean up after yourself...sooner or later. I have so many projects to work on, everything is a mess! YIKES! ohwell. Can so picture you as Ma Kettle...{grin}. What a good dog.

Sue said...

Good Morning Kim,
I have laughed, I have cried and I have rejoiced over reading your last three posts, ( I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog). At this moment my heart is overflowing with joy at reading your posts.You are such a blessing to me.
I will come back tonight and savor it some more.
The post on God providing your wool cutter spoke so much to me, I needed to read it today.
Much love,

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoyed!!!! Hope you have a great Friday.

Debbie said...

I just told my hubby last night this was the fastest week ever! December is going to fly by. I soo enjoyed your post and picturing you there doing your things...hahaha to that delivery boy. I'm with Janette...please share what you are making with that wood. Have a wonderful week-end...HUGS

Miss Debbie said...

My goodness you are busy! I've been sick this week so all I have managed to do is go to work and come home and crash! I did write our Christmas letter, make copies and get them ready to mail, but that is about it! I am hoping we will get our tree up today and then I'll start the other decorating. I had hoped to get some shopping done this weekend, but I'm gonna have to feel a lot better than I do right now to attempt that! Glad your dog was with you...that guy sounds a little suspicious to me! Enjoy your weekend and hope you feel better soon!

Julia said...

Kim, It seems like it always Friday here as the week goes so fast.

I can picture you just now and I'm having a good laugh. Good for you and your dog for keeping your ground. One never know with these fly by night crooks out there waiting to take advantage of honest folks.

There was something on the news yesterday about someone gong around getting people to pay them ahead to plow their driveway only they never showed up when there was a storm and they arrested a guy for the scam. They say that around Christmas especially people take advantage of trusting older folks.

Kim, if you are still sick you should take it easy and try to rest more to speed your healing. Hugs. JB

myletterstoemily said...

NO one can tell a story like you! and then to end
with a photo of ma and pa kettle, my absolute
favorite as a kid!

way to go, sasha!!!!!

now, young lady, take care of yourself . . . rest, lots
of liquids, and CHOCOLATE.

Meg said...

LOL! What a hilarious post. I just love Sasha stories. She's such good dog. I'm glad that guy didn't want anything else, and that Sasha ran him off.

Kim said...

Thanks for the giggles. I thought I was the only one who went from room to room making messes! LOL And I am totally picturing Ma Kettle and the dog in the driveway. But I am glad you had the dog - that sounds a little creepy.
A girl at work yesturday came in and told the story of how she forgot to put her garbage out and that morning heard the truck coming down the street. She ran out in a ratty old bathrobe, bare feet, with a toothbrush in her hand to throw her garbage bag on the curb!

Tulip said...

Way to go Sasha! Show'um how Ma Kettle trains her dogs to react to ridiculous questions!