June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rainy Days...and Wednesdays

I finally finished this sign. I can't even begin to tell you
how many times I was ready to throw it on the wood pile.
One of my favorite places to visit, http://www.flamingotoes.com/
has the cutest tutorial for this sign. So early in December
I asked my husband how to do it and he showed me about
gluing wood and getting this started. I would work on it
and then get disgusted at my lack of ability's and decide to quit.

Finally, yesterday, I decided I was going to finish it once and for
all, it took me all day, but now it is done. It looks nice in my kitchen.

I still love my old fence boards and I love signs.
So I made this because I was practicing my ability to do
letters. A whole new world opened up because my husband
showed me how to make words and print them out and then
I use graphite paper to paint the word Noel on a piece of
wood I had sanded and painted white and then stained.
I had horse shoe nails I hammered into the top of the wood
for the hanger. I really love this. It was easy. I really like easy.

This is another one that has had me pulling out my hair. My husband
also glued three pieces of wood together and I cut out the shape.
The fun part was using a wood carving tool. I am going to make
some more of this moon guy and learn how to really use the wood
carving tool, that was fun but I was a little afraid of it. So next time...
It is a rainy day today. My hands are really tired and my hands
are so rough that when I try and get back to my sewing, my hands catch
the thread. So I have to get my hands back in better shape.

I am ready now to just bake and do the part that is fun by staying in a warm
house with a fire burning and the Christmas lights taking away the gloom.
I hope your day is lovely,



  1. Well I just love all of this! My son is wanting a jig saw...so I might buy him one and then use it!! You have done such a great job...and I am loving my trees!!
    We have been baking snowmen today..and icing them...I can say, how ever much they charge to have royal icing, multiple colors..etc..well it worth every penny...it is taking hours. And I am making these for four year olds...am I crazy!!
    Love you projects...now you should open a Esty shop!

  2. I love your projects!!!! Isn't it such a great feeling to get things finished and then sit back to enjoy them?

  3. Oh, the candy cane sign is so cute! Good job! I'm glad you stuck with it because it looks really good. Isn't the weather today just awesome? :D

  4. See! You posted some of your works and we didn't think you were bragging at all!!! Besides, you deserve plenty of kudos for those crafts. They're wonderful!

    Had to laugh at the roughness of your hands catching the yarn. You're too talented in different things for your own good! :)

  5. ohmygosh...I love the Candy Cane sign and the Noel sign and the Santa moon! WOW...I had no clue you were so talented! Thank you so much for showing us!

  6. oh, girl, I LOVE these!!! The candy cane sign is so cute, and the NOEL sign is just beautiful! Very fun :)

  7. OK - Mariel stole my comment! lol Kim you do amazing work. I never know what you are going to show us next. (But I keep hoping it might be a hooked rug....)

  8. adore them both, but that noel sign is *speakin' to me*

    big hugs, you talented gal!

  9. you are amazing! all your signs are just beautiful.
    well done!

    i can totally imagine that your hands would not
    be friendly to yarn right now. :)

    i love my wood pieces so much!!!!

  10. WOW...I am soo impressed. They all look great. I think they look quite difficult myself, especially the santa/moon guy. Soo cute. I can't see myself doing anything like this. I am going to do just a little bit of baking this year and not till next week. I can't keep my head out of it so I will wait till my kids and grandkids are practically walking in the door, haha...But I am with Janette...soo much work to frost those sugar cookies, but they are soo yummy. Hope you had a good day. HUGS

  11. Kim these are wonderful. I love the NOEL sign-I like the simplicity of it. You are so talented. That moon santa--WOW. I wish you sold these :)

  12. Hi Kim, I love your signs. They look great! I agree with the first comment...you should open an etsy shop!

  13. Ohhhh, I love the Candy Cane sign! You are so talented!

    Thank you for your Very sweet comment on my blog. The love, support and friendships from other bloggers has been amazing!
    Love, Joyce


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