June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Family Celebrations

When I was a young mother and after coming out of the
world into this life as a Christian, I didn't have any Christian
traditions. I mean, growing up on the roof of our house that
you could see for miles away was a neon sign that blinked off
and on that said, "Eat, drink, and be merry. So when I got
married and we started having kids and I became a Christian,
I didn't know what to do.

Someone must have felt sorry for me at our church and she gave me this
book by Ann Hibbard. I read it over and over and then author had directions
on how to make a Advent Tree. I went down and bought felt and started
making each ornament and the tree and I remember cutting out
each one and it was raining really hard outside and I was listening to
the rain as I made each ornament and I wondered what each one meant.
I think really I did it more for me than the kids.

This is how it looks with all of the ornaments on it.
We would start on the first day of December and I had the
four candles of Advent and the first one would be lit that first
week and we would do it by candlelight. The youngest would get
to put on the first ornament and blow out the candle.
The book as I was looking through it for this post has candle wax on
every page.
The little kids could recite each verse for each ornament. I bet if I showed
my kids today they could recite each verse still. I will reproduce a page since
this is December 10th
Jesus---spoken of by the Prophets
Yesterday we talked about sin being like darkness and Jesus as the light.
Here is another message that God gave Isaiah about darkness and light.
Read Isaiah 60:1-3
1. Where was the darkness?
2. What does this passage tell us about whom Jesus would come to save?
Review Isaiah 9:6
"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be
on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

Then we would pray and sing a song and for tonight it would be Joy to the World.
Then whom ever would be up that night would put on the ornament.

That is how some of them look close up. If I wasn't so
serious about letting my kids have their own traditions
I would put my oar in and make one for my grand kids.
But, it is important to me that they make their own traditions,
just like I did. I want the men to be the heads of their own homes
and to have their children see them as the heads of their families.
It is important to me that the Moms do what they feel best.
It is hard walking the fine line of being a good grandmother
and a meddler.

I just wanted to share this with you. It was something that we enjoyed
okay, I enjoyed. I don't know if they did so much once they all got
in high school.

Have great weekend!



  1. I love to hear how you found your way as a new christian. I think you were so smart Kim, and you took seriously each thing your were learning about Jesus. What a beautiful gift for your children!


  2. You took such care with your kids to build memorable traditions. I'm certain they are doing the same with their own children. :)

  3. Kim, I read your post twice this evening. I admire how you keep things that has so much meaning for you from way back. You really are serious about what you have learned and it has taken root. I like your little tree with all the symbol ornament.

    I don't think that you are a medley grandmother at all. You can always talk about your own traditions to your grandkids and let them make their own. That's what I did with my own kids.

    I enjoyed you post this evening and I have a lot of admiration for you. JB

  4. That was a lovely tradition. Those lessons that are instilled in children never leave them. Your children were blessed to have such a caring and creative influence in their development and they will find ways to pay it forward.

  5. Haha, the old Advent tree! It was great the first few years we did it, but then we could quote every single passage and verse once we were teenagers. I don't suppose that's really such a bad thing. I remember really liking it when I was young. I'll bet my munchkins would really love it, too. I'd have to ask Ryan if he'd do it, though. He might not be real interested.

  6. You are truly a Proverbs 31 woman Kim, and I adore you. Along with some other wonderful women here in blogand, you all are women after God's own heart. I count it a privilege to know you all.
    Hugs, Sue

  7. Oh Lady...you should have heard me yell! I think we were twins separated!!! I have this book also! My husband bought it for me in the early 80's!!!
    I didn't do the Advent tree but I have the Easter banner and we do it every year. I also did the birthday flags for the first two children...they were huge!!! I need to do one for the January birthdays this year...you inspired me!
    I love this book and still get it out and use it through the year! I need to buy it for my daugther-in-law....oh, I loved this post!!!
    Okay...I am still learning on this mother-in-law thing...maybe I shouldn't buy the book or should I...we will see. What a fine line to walk! Because I agree with you I want them to make their own!

  8. I LOVE things like this and I know I would have really enjoyed that book. I have walked a few thin lines with all of my dil's as I too don't want to be a meddler and want to leave the leading to my sons. And yet, you know what I have discovered in my MANY years of being a MIL? They WANT the advice A LOT more than I thought they would...go figure..Two of them tell me frequently that they love the advice of a "seasoned" mom, haha...You might be surprised your "suggestions" could be really appreciated.

    And yes, I am in Brea. I had no idea you lived in California. Where abouts are you? Who knows maybe we will meet someday. I have met 3 other blogging buddies who live in California. Soo fun.

    Sooo excited about your news. How wonderful. I have 8 grandchilren already (6 of my own, and 2 step I love just as much) and when my middle son gets married next September I will inherit 4 more! My daughter is trying to get pregnate (did I already mention this?) and so hopefully I will be blessed still more, haha...There truly is just nothing better. My cup runneth over.

    Have a wonderful week-end my friend. I have such a busy one coming up.

    Hugs, Debbie

  9. i love this, kim. as a new mom and wife, i had to figure out how to be a christian woman, too! there are many traditions that i do with my boys in order to instill in them the truth of the Word. i love your advent tree! that book looks well loved...i wonder if it is still in print...going to see if i can find it! sounds like a true treasure! thanks for sharing this...you never fail to bless me :)

  10. I enjoy reading about your Christian walk, from the baby steps to the strides you are taking now. Those traditions are so important. I don't know if my girls will follow our traditions, but they might find there own version or something else, but they will have traditions. That's so big in our house. To my thinking, you can have kids who grow up with all the degrees in the world, incredible jobs, and fancy things, but if they haven't been taught their faith, momma and daddy have missed their job description. Hubby says the only important things we leave behind are our children and what we do for the kingdom of God.

  11. Kim, your story about becoming a Christian intrigues me so. I always chuckle at your references of the life you grew up with. The blinking sign for example. Your advent tree is perfect. I made something similar to this when I was first in college and learning to be a speech therapist. At that time, we did Christmas activities and nobody said a thing about it. I had a tree like yours on cardboard and made the little decoartions that they could apply with velcro and we would talk about them and what they meant. Mine wasn’t as much an advent tree but a Christmas activity to inspire the kids to make the right sounds and work on their words but it made me so happy. That is what I thought of when I saw your tree and I hadn’t thought of that in 20 years.

    You always make me think and I know you are my friend to touch my heart. I needed your words of wisdom and stories of your trials. It helps me and makes me want to be a better Christian. Thank you for that.
    Love, Amy

  12. You are right about that "fine line". Our oldest son is a single dad with two little girls. So I try to help him with the"girly" things like sorting clothes...matching outfits, etc. Recently, when we were swapping the summer for winter and going through some "hand-me-downs" from a friend, I saw a shirt I wouldn't want his oldest to wear. I said, "Well, we don't need to keep this." He said, "Let me decide.... I think its fine." He was kind about it, but I realized I had stepped "over the line". After all, she is HIS daughter. I'll be more careful from now on. He is doing a great job and I want to support him, but I need to respect his position. So, anyway, I understand how hard it is not to "meddle". Thank you for your sweet comments...you are a dear!

  13. You are a woman after God's own heart! He's so pleased you used the tools He sent and began training your family in His path. Your Advent Tree is wonderful; think for next year, I'll make them for gifts.


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