Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Adventures

You know sometimes, I think I just don't leave the house enough.
Because whenever I leave it is always an adventure.
Oh, this is my living room, it was cloudy and I thought the lights
looked pretty.

First of all, my dishwasher broke last night. I know the mother board
must have went out. Everything now that we just had our 10 year anniversary
here is breaking. I was surprised because I expected it to be the garbage
disposal. At least with two ovens I can still bake if one of those breaks.
I knew before I called what my repair man would say, " It is ten years old, just
buy a new one. " I found my self groveling before him. Begging and pleading.
I even offered to give him more money but he remained firm.

I got off the phone mad at myself, because how many years have I washed dishes
by hand anyway? How many generations have woman before me washed dishes
and I bet they didn't grovel. I sent my husband a text and he called me back and
he said, he bet he could change a mother board and if he couldn't well no big deal.
We would just break down and buy and new one.

My daughter this week wanted to read Sense and Sensibility. She is out of school so
I have went through every box, bookcase every closet where any books might live.
I never could find it. I have two copies by the way. I went to the library this morning, early, when they opened.

It is dark today because of the rain clouds, when I pulled into the parking lot there
was this man standing like he was waiting for someone to pick him up. He had a suitcase
on rollers. Of course when you want someone around there never is, I pulled into a parking
place as close as I could. I noticed he was watching me and as I put my car in park
he started walking towards me. I had grabbed the books I was returning and just
my car keys and jumped out of my car. I had my fast tennis shoes on today, and I made
it to the front door of the library before he caught me.

I dumped my books in the book drop and zoomed down one of the book aisles. There was
no one in the place where the librarians usually are. I hid behind a place where I could
watch him. He came in with his suitcase and looked around like he was looking for someone.
Me?? I don't know, I watched as he went in the Men's bathroom. Then I went out the door
so I could get my glasses, I forgot those. I went out to my car, and back, in my fast shoes.
I looked all the places Sense and Sensibility would normally be, none, zip. I am starting to think
there is a plot. Finally the librarian comes out of the back and she can't find it either.
Now the creepy guy is out of the bathroom and he walks by and keeps staring which
I am trying to ignore and not look.

I don't know what kind of aura I put off, I was walking the other day in a parking lot, I was as close to the parked cars as I could get because I could hear a car coming behind me. Then the car honks, I jumped about 10 feet. The guy rolls down his window and motions me over. Of course I walk up and he asked me for directions to a
pharmacy. He had a Dutch accent. So weird things happen like that all of the time.
I can't even begin to tell you what happens when I am grocery shopping. They should hire me
full time to show people around.

So I decide I will run across town to go to Barnes and Noble. I drive over there and the
parking lot is really full. As I get out there is this 1969 El Camino driving by slowly in the
parking lot. His windows are so tinted that I can't see the driver. I ran into Barnes and Noble
they have one copy of Sense and Sensibility. I wait in a very long line.

I go back out to the parking lot and guess who is parked next to me? El Camino guy. Backed
in for like for a fast get away. Do you think I have a over active imagination. My husband and I were almost robbed in that parking lot one Christmas so I am really jumpy.

I still had a bit shopping to do so I went and drove back across town to my side of town. It was
busy but not to bad it is only 9:30 in the morning. I finally get all of my stuff and head back

(This is my favorite piece of furniture in my whole house.)

One thing I like to remember is "God is in charge of everything that happens
to us and never can a single thing happen without His permission.
God's permission comes through His love. (Principles of Joy)

Thanks for stopping by and I wish we could sit with a cup of coffee or
hot chocolate, and talk about what is going on in your life today.
Thank you for sharing your time with me today.


TexWisGirl said...

I don't think your imagination is overactive at all. Especially during this crazy shopping season. Folks are distracted and others are just waiting to prey on them. ALWAYS better safe than sorry. We unfortunately live in that age where you have to be...

Meg said...

My goodness, you should write a book about all the crazy things that happen when you go out. You always have a story and it cracks me up. I'm glad you didn't get mugged or anything today. That would be horrible! Love you.

Kim said...

You can never be to careful in parking lots. I would have been creeped out too, especially with the suitcase guy.
It is frustrating when appliances go, and just before the holidays is bad. But I admit I like hand washing dishes. I find it kind of relaxing. We had an old dishwasher and never used it. I stored napkins in it!
I love that white cabinet too.

Diana Ferguson said...

You could write a book!!

Yolanda said...

You have a lovely home. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kessie said...

LOL! Ryan and I got a chuckle out of your adventures. Thanks for sharing them. I think you should take the boys around with you everywhere you go, like bodyguards. Get them some dark sunglasses.

Miss Debbie said...

"They should hire me to show people around." By the time I read that, I was laughing out loud!! You tell a great story! Glad you found the book and that you got home safely. And I love that piece of furniture, too! It would look great in my dining room!!

Dawn said...

I had to laugh...sorry. But your mind works like mine- and i'm so relieved someone else out there goes through what I do;))
Love that piece as well!!

Patrice said...

Creeps don't generally carry suitcases. It does pay to be careful, and sometimes just the way someone looks at you can freak you out. I've had it happen many times. A few times, when I have been followed by a car, I pull into the parking lot of the local police station. It works great.
That piece of furniture is lovable!

Hey- your little snowmen with sunglasses look like bodyguards. Take t hem with you when you go out. Then folks will have interesting looks for you!!!lol

I hate the computer boards on all of these appliances. They cost a fortune to repair. Not fair! They plan it that way!!!Grrrrrr!

Debbie said...

In the world we live in today you can just never be too careful. It is soo sad that there are SOO many truly disturbed people. I LOVE that book btw...such a good one. What a good mama you are going all around to find it for her. It is a bad time of year for appliances to break no doubt, but you might be really happy in the long run. We got a new dishwasher when we moved in here a few months ago and the one I had at the old house was probably 11 years old or so....WHAT a difference. The new one is quieter, bigger, and just soo much better. The dishes are just "cleaner" somehow, haha...and let's face it we never get "new" ones of anything till we are forced...I can see why you love the white cabinet...I do too. And sitting down with a cup of tea and some "chat" time just sounds wonderful...Have a good week-end...HUGS

Patrice said...

p.s. Your daughter has good taste in books! From one Elinor to another.

Miss Debbie said...

Hey Kim, My son said he thought Narnia might be too serious for the girls, so we're going to go see Yogi instead one day next week. I went to the Narnia matinee was really good! They introduce an obnoxious cousin but, of course, he is redeemed in the end. Highly recommend it! Headed out to get those grand girls! Hope your weekend is as sweet as you are!

Verde Farm said...

You know Kim, there are so many things happening in this world to folks who are too trusting and dont’ think enough about the “oddity” of things--I think you are on track. I would rather be proactive than end up in a trunk with tape on my mouth. As for the piece of furniture-I love it too. It’s so pretty and homey. Perfect. Your decorations look wonderful and very cozy with the cloudy day you had. I wish I could hop over today for some tea. Just know I’m there in my heart today :)
Amy said...

Isn't life many twist and turns...oh love your favorite piece of furniture...and yet, the end comment is what is reality...nothing comes our way that hasn't passed through the hand of God...for our good!!!
Blessings...have a great feet are up today resting!!!

Collquest said...

Kim...wanted to comment here about Barnes and Noble...One of my best friends daughter was attacked in the parking lot there a few years a few years ago. Mugging seems too nice of a word for it as he had a knife he threatened her with. She came out of it unhurt physically but is a very sweet and shy girl...she was very affected by the experience. You aren't over reacting at all but an "aura?" maybe there is some truth to don't seem like the type that would bat at someone if they appoached you...