June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Only 364 Days Until Christmas

This was our sky on Christmas morning. It was a beautiful sunrise.
Today is a beautiful day as well. I titled this post to get
your attention. I was thinking, If I start now, I might be ready
next year in time. I am thinking of getting a big plastic
container and just getting gifts all year. I did that one
year for my Mom. My Dad was real sick and I thought about
her a lot so when I was out I would see something that would
remind me of her and then at the end of November, I wrapped
everything in a big box and wrote a card for each one and numbered
each package and she got to open one package a day for 25 days.
The biggest present Christmas morning. It was so much fun and
I think my Dad enjoyed it just as much. He would call me each morning
as she opened a package. When he died in February just a few months later, I was so glad I had
done it. So I am thinking about that again.

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas. I thought I would show you a few of my
Christmas presents that I really like.

First of all my handy-dandy blow torch. For those moments when
you might see a welding opportunity and are afraid you might miss it.
I wanted the kind I could carry in my purse for those really emergency kinds
of jobs, like maybe when you need to get a quick getta way.
Really, it is so I can start fires in the wood stove real fast. I bought one
for my husband now we have two. His and hers blow torches. It isn't everyone
who can say they got that for Christmas.

My second favorite Christmas present are these heavy duty optical lenses. Best
present ever. The only thing is when I put them on and I am happily stitching away
my kids walk in the room and start humming the song to "Honey I Shrunk The Kids."
Or quoting lines from the movie, like my daughter walking in saying, " Szalinski give it
a rest it's Saturday!"

I don't care, I am thinking I can see now, I can maybe even do a stitchery on linen.
I never could see well enough to be able to do linen. I feel like I can conquer the world
being able to see very small close up things.

I got up early this morning and my first thought was how fast can I get all of my Christmas
stuff put away and everything back to normal. It took about two hours. But now,
my house is normal and the tree is back out in the shed and I vacuumed and swept and
everything is normal except of course for the tons of food in the fridge.

I am so thankful for good health and feeling good. I take that for granted to much.
I am thankful for all of my friends and family. Really for putting up with me. I am
so very, very thankful for my sweet daughter-in-love and my awesome son who
had us come to their house for Christmas Eve and she cooked and fed us. It was the
nicest Christmas eve ever. Then sent us home with a lovely basket of goodies that
she had baked all herself.

Then on the way home we got in terrible fog and it was so scary. I was so thankful
it was us and not the kids who had babies. But we all got home safety. My daughter
who was driving herself, even decided not to follow us but went home a different way
that she was most familiar with and she had never driven in fog like that before.
My husband and I have lived here all of our lives and it was as bad as we have
ever seen it. We have that to look forward to until the next rain storm.

But this week, my daughter and her family will be back from Virginia. So
life is very good.
I hope your day is wonderful.



  1. Your gifts make you look like you're a mad scientist - one with space goggles and wielding a blow torch! :) Something out of Mad Max maybe?

    Glad all is well in your house and with your kids. And all are safe!!! I hope you will get to dry out soon!

  2. I smiled at the title of this post. One of my twins had been counting down the days for several weeks, so this morning when we got up, I said this to him. He didn't thing it was as funny as I did :-)
    I guess you have some of that tule fog where you live. I'm glad you got home safely.

  3. I think your presents are great! I like a guy who goes to Home Depot Christmas shopping, not Victoria's Secret!Well, the other's not too bad either.

    I read the title of this post and thought, "Oh, no! Here we go again. I just finished Christmas shopping. (Now, picture Lucy from Charlie Brown movies as I say- Waaaaaaaaa!) I would like to get a jump on next year's Christmas, but this might be a bit too soon for me! Sleep! I need sleep before I have to shop again.

  4. With that caption I know you have a good sense of humor. I had a chuckle.

  5. Those goggles are totally awesome! I want to see you wear them. LOL!

    I'm so glad you all had a nice time. It was very nice for us too! My feet are sore though. I'm so glad we just get to relax now!

  6. I can just picture you in our goggles running around looking for something to weld! LOL
    I can't believe you have everything put away already......I am a little envious. I would like to put things away around the 28th but in this house it would be a crime punishable by death to take the tree down before Jan. 1

    Seriously, Auntie thinks the planet might implode if I even suggest taking the tree down!! LOL

  7. ummm, that was supposed to say "your" goggles. Maybe I need a pair of goggles? Hahahaha

  8. I absolutely LOVE that sunrise, kim, thanks for sharing it!! also, the torch---very fun! I can just picture you welding your welder in the walmart parking lot or somethign!! heehee!!

  9. ohmygosh, that sunrise photo is gorgeous! Wow...and your house is back to normal? You sure don't let any grass grow under your feet, hey? {grin}

  10. Interesting gifts! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas and that you were "treated" in a special way. It's nice being the guest sometimes, isn't it?I'm impressed that you have already put away all your Christmas. I usually do that New Year's Day. Sometimes I leave my snowmen out longer since they are "winter" rather than just Christmas. I'm headed to the ob/gyn for my annual exam.....talk about Christmas being over!! ha! ha! I know you are probably jealous!! :-) Oh, I wanted to tell you my son gave me the new Father Tim book. I was so excited and surprised.....my daughter helped him out!! The last time you mentioned it, you had not read it. Have you now? I plan to start tonight while hubby is at work....can't wait!!

  11. The comment you made about the blow torch made me LOL...omg for a "quick getta way"...classic Kim! But I have to admit to feeling a tinge of envy about the glasses...what a fantastic gift! Love em'!

  12. Oh my goodness! My daughter just said the same thing to me...counting down Christmas already:)!

    Those are wonderful and very useful gifts- there's NOTHING better:))
    (I would like to see a picture of you with the glasses on though:))

  13. And have a wonderful last week in this year!!!

  14. Oh how funny...we were just discussing blow torches with my son...for his birthday, and we talked about it yesterday. I will have to show him yours. I also love the glasses..I will have to check into a pair of those...since I sent off for some embroidery patterns...and I can't see like I use to. LOL
    What a precious daughter-in-law...what a true blessing.
    All put away in 2 hours...oh, my!! YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN!!! I just keep walking around looking at mine...now I am motivated, besides we have three birthdays the first week of January, so I need to kick into a another gear.
    Blessings...and hugs!!!

  15. Kim, I'm all for practical gifts and yours fit the bill. Those magnifying goggles are absolutely cool. The most practical gift that I got this year is a heavy duty huge pair of anvil pruners with telescopic handles. I'll be ready for anything that needs pruning.

    I love that beautiful sunset. Just beautiful. I can't wait to see your first blow torch project. JB

  16. Awesome gifts Kim. I agree--who can say they have his and her blow torches--that’s just awesome. You all are like a super hero couple. The optical glasses--Wow! I need to try these out. I am so jealous that you’ve already cleared the decks with the Christmas decor. I have all that to do this week. I always love the bareness of my hosue after Christmas--the more sparse the better at that tme. Enjoy your daughter and family this week.
    Hugs, Amy


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