Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thoughts on Saturday Morning

I was doing what I like to do when my eyes are too
tired from sewing and I am waiting for my husband
to get home, I go blog hopping. So while I was out
on my jaunt in the internet world I ran across,
Morning Ramble
She had some lovely posts on what 25 things makes her smile.
I loved her list and I thought since it is Saturday and my
blather meter is running low, I thought I would write a list
of 25 things I love. I am curious if I can think of 25 things now.

1. God
2. Jesus paid the price for me.
3. The Bible
4. My husband
5. My children
6. My grandchildren
7. Homeschooling
8. My dogs
9. My chickens
10. My house.
11. The field of dreams
12. Reading
13. Sewing, (rug hooking, needle punch, counted cross stitch, quilting)
14. Chopping weeds ( I can't help this one I do enjoy it.)
15. Cooking
16. Cleaning house. ( I do love cleaning house)
17. Washing windows
18. Exercise
19. My I Pod
20 Sunflowers
21. Making food that tastes better than if you went out to dinner.
22. My new BBQ
23. Getting my hair colored ( vain I know but now I am a red head)
24. Going Antiquing
25. Waking up in the middle of the night, and thanking God for my husband asleep
at my side and my nice warm bed and knowing that all is good and my kids are safe.

So have a lovely Saturday.
Thanks so much to Morning Ramble for her wonderful idea.


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

That is a wonderful list! You have so much to be thankful for!
Your list has made me think about what makes me smile. So much to be thankful for...
Have a wonderful Saturday,

Meg said...

23. Getting my hair colored ( vain I know but now I am a red head)

You ARE?!?!

Farm Girl said...

Yep, Meg, a red head. It looks okay, Not raggedy Ann red just sort of red.
Instead of blonde. I was getting to blond and didn't want to end up looking like a light bulb.

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
Enjoyed reading your list, #25 was my fav., as I do the same.
I read your post from Friday, and related to playing pasture ball, just brought back wonderful memories for me.
Your Mom sounds like my Mom, I am so thankful that you have such great memories of her, and your Dad. Thanks for sharing, I hope your Sunday is filled with many blessings.

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Kim!
This is such a wonderful list! We really do need to learn to have an attitude if gratitude, something you seem to have in abundance. :-)

Thanks so much for your visit, I really do appreciate your comments on my cubby post.

Have a wonderful day!