June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Friday, May 7, 2010


I know this is a farming blog, but before I gardened
I was in the midst of raising children and of course
homeschooling. My children if they read this blog
will shoot me for posting this picture. I love it but they
roll their eyes and say but "We looks so homeschoolerish.")
That is their word, not mine.

For the last 21 years I have been home educating our children.
It was kicking and screaming at first, me not them. The first year I started, I thought the idea was to finish all of the books.
My daughter was in second grade and we did school
all day. I mean all day. In the living room, with the drapes drawn.
We did not leave the house nor did we answer the door, for fear
it was Child Protective Services coming to take our children away.
They didn't even get to go in the back yard once they got school age. We
kept the same hours as the schools so as not to call attention to ourselves.
It was a very scary climate in 1989. California at that time was the worst
when it came to prosecuting homeschooling mothers and fathers. I think
only Michigan was worse. We happened to live in a school district
that also was one of the worst for bringing charges of truancy.

By Christmas that year, we were finished with a year of school. So we
did fun things like art and sewing and lots and lots of reading aloud and
playing with Legos. I went from being a mother who held her children at
a distance, to a mother who fell in love with her kids, and her life and having
babies. I loved homeschooling and I loved learning along with the kids.( I
finally learned how to do math.)
Of course, once I learned to live with a messy house and being the
weirdo on the block.

When I talk to young mothers who throw out this question, " I am thinking about
homeschooling? " What do you think? I always answer, " What if you were the only
one in the whole world homeschooling, would you do it?"Do you feel God
calling to do this sacrifice because you will sacrifice everything to do it, your free time, lunch out with your friends," They always say, slowly, " um, I think so."
When I started I thought I was the only one in the whole world but I knew
God wanted this for me and our kids. My husband was such a huge cheerleader
for me and yes, there were days, I looked longingly at the school bus.
Now with my last two finishing up the junior and freshman year, I am almost
finished. None of them turned out to be idiots, they function in society and
they are lovely people. Always my prayer has been that the Lord would take
my mistakes and turn them around for His glory. Thank goodness He answers
prayers, because I don't think there are many mistakes I have missed.
I know this is usually a Fiber Friday post but I am finishing up my school year
right now so I need to do that instead of sewing.
I hope your Friday is a beautiful day.


  1. you made me smile, because i homeschooled
    my five widgets, too.

    and now they will say, "that looks so
    homeschoolish!" like they are sooooo much
    cooler than that.

    i frequently remind them from whence they

  2. ACK! Not THAT picture!

    Although that picture is misleading, because we had been told to visit those people's house in grubby clothes and rubber boots. We didn't always dress like that.

  3. I know but I still think it is a cute picture. I knew you guys wouldn't be that thrilled I posted that picture. :) I still think it is cute. Of course you guys didn't dress that way very often.

  4. Is it just me or does my husband look horribly impish? LOL!

  5. Of course he looks impish, he was a imp. A sweet one but a imp none the less. They were happy because the people house we were at the boys as well as the dad were totally into nuts. So I imagine they were looking forward to doing something dangerous.

  6. I now just how you feel about your kids mine are my whole life. I have been a stay at home mom every since we brought our first son home for the hospital. The joy has always out weighted the sacrifice. I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father I had the opportunity. My last daughter Katie is graduating this year... I'm super sad everyone is moving on into adulthood. Kids are the best have a great Mother's Day, Nancy


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