Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jail Bird

I was going to do a blog on homeschooling materials
but instead this is going to be about being a jailbird.
Me... I got a traffic ticket. I have never since I started
driving ever got a speeding ticket. So it was a new,
brand new experience for me being on the other
side of the law.
I was shaking so hard I had to wait before I could
drive away and then I cried all the way home.

I thought I would give you my thoughts. I know
I do every single day and you are so kind to read my
thoughts. :)
When I was young, and I became a Christian,
there was this lady whom I love very much and she
was the teaching leader in a Bible Study I attended.
Every week she taught a lesson from how God used
a passage of scripture to illustrate something in her life.

Those things that God used in her life changed mine.
Every week I went I wanted to see what God had done for
her and not to her.
So today, after I got my speeding ticket I found myself blaming
God for my misfortune. Then it dawned on me.
I broke the law. God didn't have his foot down on the gas petal.
It was me. Why should I blame God for what is my responsibility.
Then the more I thought about how when bad things happen to me
I blame God when I am the one who should first look at my responses.
Was I the one who was in the wrong like today?
Personally, I am glad we have traffic laws, I am glad even for the
very sweet Highway patrolman. He was very kind to the dingbat
behind the wheel of the car.

So I thought next time I start to blame God for what I think
is his fault, I need to check and see if perhaps it was me all along
just making a poor choice.
I have to go to traffic school. It might be good to have a refresher course.
Have a lovely Wednesday.


myletterstoemily said...

isn't it the worst feeling to be guilty?

thank the Lord for His mercy and


Cindy said...

I love the picture you posted today. I laughed and laughed. So cute!

I really like where you said "Why should I blame God for what is my responsibility?" Wow, how many times do I do that without even thinking! Thanks so much for sharing. And I'm so glad the Lord in His gracious way, sent a nice CHP to you.

Farm Girl said...

Yes dear Cindy,
It was one of those dawning moments I think of my life. I still don't have any clue how each week Shirley prayed for God to use her own life for a illustration.

mariel said...

love that pic!!! so sorry you got a ticket, but I do love your application! ;)