June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, May 14, 2010

Field of Dreams For Sale

No, not my field of dreams, sorry, if I scared my kids.
The real Field of Dreams. The movie with Kevin Costner,
and no I never saw the movie. This is Fiber Friday, but
I wanted to tell you a story about the field of dreams
when I was a kid.
When we moved here, and I was four, it was a farm and
my grandparents raised cows and I thought it was magic.
But as we grew older the field of dreams became our horse
pens and it became our riding arenas and we spent our
summers riding horses, climbing trees and swimming.
Then we started raising show cattle, sheep and because
we were showing animals the field of dreams turned into
a place where we spent countless hours working on our animals.

But my favorite thing that the field of dreams became was a
baseball diamond. We called it Pasture League. A couple hours
before sundown kids would show up and we would choose up sides
for a game with rules that we made up. I was the only girl player
so I got to hit right handed but the boys had to all hit left-handed.
You only got one pitch so on the pitch you better hit as hard as you could
and run as fast as you could. The pitcher was your own
team mate and of course he was going to throw a perfect pitch.
We spent so many summer days playing great games of baseball.
We also had a cow, so my Mom would make home made ice cream
every night and we would sit out in the back yard and we would talk
until every one could hardly keep their eyes open and all of the ice
cream was gone. Every night and all of these boys would listen to my Dad and we would laugh
and I never thought about it being odd that we spent hours
and hours talking. Our house was always open and I never
thought about my Mom feeding all of these people who would
just show up, I know why she canned so much now, she would just
say, " Kim go get a jar of peaches or something else she had canned.
We always had enough and there were always enough food and enough
chairs to fit around the table.

My next door neighbor worked in a pharmacy and she asked me if I
knew a certain customer, I said yes and she said, He said to ask you if
you remembered " Pasture League?" I smiled because of course how
could I forget the time I hit a huge homer with bases loaded...
Have a lovely Friday.


  1. oh, that was just the sweetest story.
    i love that your family loved to visit
    together so long and so well.

    here's to the pasture league!

  2. Your title really did scare me! But the story was much less scary. Sweet actually ;)

  3. What a wonderful story!

    And thank you so much for your visit and for sharing your story about the collie print. Isn't it wonderful?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That was a great story! What a wonderful childhood memory!


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