June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Soap

This pot was my husband's great-grandmothers.
His grandpa told me that his mom always made soap,
and washed clothes in it in the front yard so she
could talk to people as they passed by and it wasn't
so lonely doing those things. I loved that and I love
making soap, just not out in the front yard and not
in this pot.
I make soap in the house, and I can make enough,
to give it away and to last us for about a year. Once
you get used to home made soap it is hard to go back and
buy store bought.
Wear Gloves.
This is my favorite recipe.
14 ounces tepid water
6 ounces lye ( I use Red Devil it is in the drain opener section)
12 ounces coconut oil
8 ounces palm oil ( I use Crisco)
20 ounces of olive oil
The one thing I learned about making soap, you have to weigh it
on a scale. Not go by measuring cup and it has to be exact.

1. Prepare the mold, I use a box lined with plastic it makes
a huge bar of soap, I just cut it up after it gets hard.
2. Blend the water and lye. Set aside and cool to 100 degrees
Do not breathe it at all and try and do it outside in a container.
I use a big two quart canning jar because as soon as the water
gets on the lye it is hot. Again, do not breathe the fumes.
3. Heat all of the oils until it is all melted. I let this cool
a bit so that my lye and my oils are the same temperature.
As you pour the lye in, so slowly, keep stirring the oils don't stop,
until the lye is all gone, but keep stirring.
4. Keep stirring until it traces. When it traces, think of drawing a design
in the soap with your spoon, kinda like making jelly, when it traces,
it is time to pour in your mold. I like to cover it with a towel, so that
it cools slowly.
5. Leave the soap to set for 4 to 8 hours or until the soap is solid, cut it then.
and firm to the touch. Release the soap from the mold and allow to
cure for 6 to 8 weeks.
You have to wait until the lye stops working and that is why it takes
so long.
Then you have a beautiful bar of soap.

I don't add scent to it because I just like the smell
of clean. You can add any flavor you like. When I
am making at Christmas time, (in October)
I do put in cinnamon. I do add vanilla too.
I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.


  1. what an amazing idea to make your own

    how many bars does that make and could
    you add a mild exfoliant?

    what fun Christmas presents!!!

  2. I had to laugh yesterday when you thought that you better described a more modern grandmother than those of old. Anyone who grows their own food, cans, bakes, raises chickens, decorates their home with treasures they have made, makes their own soap, to name just a few of what you do, is not a modern grandmother! I think you are an ideal grandmother, you use some of our modern conveniences to accomplish what old time grandmothers did. You are amazing!

  3. Awwww!!! Thank you so much dear blog friend. Thank you for noticing that time is a treasured thing and you just have to wait sometimes for the next inspiring idea's.

    I too love coming over here for a visit, I am enlightened at many levels of your blogging.

    I will be cak dear friend.

  4. Oooop's the last line say's in that typo, I will be back dear friend,


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