June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is my new rooster. He has started crowing.

This is my old rooster. I took him away to a man
who takes roosters. I don't even ask what he does,
I hope he just makes chicken pot pies. This rooster
in the beginning loved me and would follow me around
the yard and we were friends until the day he tried
to flog my grandson. I hate to say this but I kicked
him clear across the chicken pen. I felt horrible, but
nothing is going to get my grand kids.
Then it was war, him not me. He hunted me down,
he always knew when I was not paying attention he would
strike hard and fast. I had to start carrying a stick. He
wouldn't bother me if I had the stick but if I put it down
to get the eggs, he would nail me.
It got so bad that I hated feeding the hens. So I decided
enough was enough. I took him away. Now I have a new
rooster. The thing that scares me is this one has never liked
me. When he was still chick size he would try and peck me and
raise his neck feathers. I have been holding him and petting him
but I think it is going to be a lost cause.
I will have to go see the chicken pot pie man.
This morning,
something was attacking my hens. I jumped out of bed and ran
down to my hen houses and I saw something black run around
the back, I could smell skunk so I quit running in the cold wet
grass and walked slowly and carefully. Sort of sneaking, I picked up a
stick and walked so slowly afraid I am going to get sprayed in my pajamas.
It was gone so I think it must have been a really big cat.
I will be checking and rechecking fences and making sure there
is no way for anything to get in again. I do like Saturday mornings
when we work on my chicken houses. I never asked, I wonder if my husband
does. Poor guy.
Have a nice Saturday.


  1. Oh no! I didn't know that the new guy was so mean already! Yeah, better get rid of him before he starts taking chucks out of you.

    Any idea if the one scruffy black silkie is a rooster, too?

  2. No not yet, Jay thinks that the littlest one might be a rooster. Who knows though. It is just a wait and see. Only the red one is crowing.

  3. My friends had a really nasty rooster at one time when I used to housesit...HATED going out to feed them and gather eggs...had to carry a big stick, too. He's gone, now. whew.

    Could you give me your email address?

  4. those roosters can be terrifying!

    can't wait to hear 'the rest of the

  5. Through all of the chicken-owner bloggers I have been learning so much! Who knew that all of that was going on in chicken coops all over the world! :)

  6. I have been wondering if you were able to hold and pet your chickens. The roosters sound scary, but do the hens let you hold them and pet them?


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