June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, May 28, 2010

Red Work

One of the things I love is red work. I started doing
red work because I was always sitting in places
waiting for children in lessons. I could take red
thread, a needle and scissors and I could keep
my hands busy while I waited.

These are from patterns I bought from Bird Brain Designs.

This one is from a pattern called Redwork Quilts
by Tricia Cribbs. I like making little quilts just
so I can be finished in one day. I enjoyed red
work so much before I discovered rug hooking.
I have a very busy weekend. There is 3 birthdays
this weekend, so I don't think I will be doing much
sewing. Lots of cooking.
Have a wonderful Friday. I will be planning menus
and buying food and getting it ready for this weekend.
Happy Friday!


  1. Those are quite lovely and it sounds like your weekend will be wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. If I ever did redwork, I'm afraid my artist side would take over, and I would make it in blue, or purple, or green. Still, it is very pretty in red. :-)

  3. Blue, Green and even black is very pretty too.
    I just never did it in that color. If you let the artist take over in you, it would be your own drawing and not a pattern. :)

  4. Three birthdays! That makes a memorable Memorial Day!

  5. Wow, How nice to see you! Yes, then I found out about a couple more we will be celebrating on Saturday. The cake is going to look like a billboard with so many names.


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