Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is our first house. I guess I took this the day
we were moving in. We had just been married for
7 months and we were so excited. I wish I had a
after photo. When we bought it had been a rental for
years and years, it had the ugliest green shag carpet.
The kitchen was painted brown and the cabinet doors
were shutters. I loved this little house and we lived in
it for 12 years, we went from being newly married to
married with 4 kids and expecting our 5th and one
We moved, but I never took any pictures of the outside
of our next house. It was a fixer upper too. But sort
of like a nightmare from Elm Street kind of house.
Nothing in it was ever easy to fix. My husband hated
it but it had tons of storage. Someday I will write about that
house. Lets say, it was unique. We lived there 9 years.

This is where we live now. I am showing this picture for
Kim at whitewhispers2you . I told her I would show
her a picture of my farm house and this is it.
I love this house and thinking about the other houses
I have lived in I really like this one. I hope God lets me
live here until He is ready for me to live in the mansion
He has prepared for me.
This is the kind of house that everywhere you go there is a
place to rest. I think that is why I love it so much because
in my other houses I was always wanting the moon. Godliness
with contentment is great gain. ( 1 Timothy 6:6)
I always wanted that but there was always this striving
after the world and all it had to offer and it wasn't until
I moved here that I became at peace. Now I worry about
complacency. I am so content. So I thought I would share
this. I am so thankful to live here and most of the time,
I can't believe it is me.
I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful! I would want to sit on that porch all summer long!!!

Kessie said...

Gosh, our first house hasn't looked that bad in years. It still looks nicer than that picture, the last time I drove by. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Yeah and of course, I don't have a single picture of how it finally looked when we moved. I don't have a single picture of Mignonette. Do you?
I do of the inside and the back yard but nothing of the outside and it looks so bad I would hate to go take a picture of it now.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Kim~I LOVE IT! Your Home is Beautiful, that is my kind of house.That Porch, to Die for! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Thanks so much for showing me.I so hope to find a home that style myself.

I bet the inside is just as Amazing! I know how you feel though.I am going to post my Master soon and I feel a lil nervous.~Enjoy Kim

Janean said...

contentment is within the heart, for sure and it is God's will for us! yay!!!

lovely home!

myletterstoemily said...

kim! you live in a fairytale house.

so lovely.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello I noticed you over at Kims place... I had to come by to see your farm house as well.
It is a beauty,the porch is a place to relax and enjoy it's peacefulness, a place to truely be proud of.

I want to thank Kim for asking you to post your home, Kim is a real sweet heart!