June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My BBQ/ Smoker

My brother came by on my birthday and brought me
this. I was very skeptical and not very excited. I was
a bit overwhelmed. I bought a regular BBQ gas grill
for my birthday last year. I really would rather cook
outside than in the house.
Forgive me if I sound like a infomercial. This thing is
amazing. It uses pellets which are completely bio-degradable.
Not to mention it smells amazing. I like to grab a cup of coffee,
and sit outside while it heats up and pretend I am camping.
It is like a oven in that you set the temperature and it stays
there. You can BBQ or you can smoke like we did last weekend,
a Tri-tip for a couple of hours. There is no burning at all of the meat.
My husband is not a fan of hot dogs, but somehow I messed up one
weekend and didn't really have anything for dinner and I suggested
hot dogs and he said okay, they turned out to be gourmet. When we
went grocery shopping again, he suggested hot dogs.
We will be cooking on it all weekend. Hot dogs and hamburgers
on Saturday, Ribs on Sunday, Chicken on Monday. My brother
even cooks pizza on his. I am going to try that soon.
It is called a Traeger Pellet Grill. I wish I could talk my husband
into sleeping in a tent outside too. I love camping.
Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Hi Kim: Sound like a fun weekend is ahead for your family and yummy food!!!!. Have fun pretending you are camping (you make my laugh !!!!)Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comment, Nancy

  2. Hi Kim,
    So great to be able to visit again.
    This BBQ/ Smoker looks like a great gift. I love reading about you enjoying the smell, I love the smell of a campground. So enjoy all those wonderful meals!
    I have enjoyed reading your other posts, especially the post on grandmothers, and the making of soap. The pot looks like the one I have also an inherited, my grandmother made soap in a pot like that, and I can still see her with her bonnet and long dress on stirring the pot.Thanks for sharing the recipe, I hope I can get the courage to make it, I would so love for you to live nearby, and for you to show me so many things. You have been so gifted by God to create with your hands.
    I loved your post on your homes, I could tell some stories of our first houses. lol God has been so great to us in giving us similar homes, I feel the same about ours, and have made the same statement. May we both have many more years of enjoying theses blessings, and may we both never get complacent. I guess if we will have to keep each other in check.LOL.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Much love, Sue

  3. ohman...I love grilling out. I tried to win one of those Traeger grills...from Papa Murphy's. Hope you're having a great weekend with your family!


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