Friday, November 27, 2009

Restful Friday

I think today's post will really be called random thoughts on Friday. I plan on resting today. Food fills the refrigerator, the house is clean because I knew I wanted to rest today, so I cleaned before I went to bed. This morning, the sky promised a storm. ( Which of course, I have become a cynic when it comes to red sky in the morning.)
My niece and nephews stayed over late so I know the kids will be in bed late. My husband is home today so all is well.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day and we had so many people here and tons of food. We had babies everywhere and I don't know if the two year olds, walked very much. Every time I saw one they were being carried and the little babies I am sure were kissed up all day. It was really one of those days I have searched for all of my life, the kind of day right out of Norman Rockwell painting. Isn't it funny, that when you give, you are way more blessed in return.

Just one story though, as I am in a story mood. I got up early to bake my turkey. It was a larger turkey than I normally cook, in fact maybe the largest turkey I have ever baked. I get it all ready and my oven is preheated and I get it into the foil pan. I had bought two because I had the idea of using the extra to put the meat in while it was being carved. I try to lift the foil pan with this huge turkey and the foil pan just crumples...well like foil. So I quickly grab my extra foil pan and put it under the pan with the turkey in it.
Then I pick it up and walk over to the oven, all the while juggling it because both pans are threatening to crumple. I set it down on the counter and open the oven door. Now I must have shrunk since I got back from my trip because the oven seems really tall to me. I pick up the foil pan and try to lift the turkey over the door but I can't make it into the oven, which is hot because it has been preheated. So I am sort of in a quandary as I stand there and puzzle it out. Well, I get the bright idea to toss the turkey in the oven. So I pick it up and throw it at the oven and it goes in but the bottom rack falls off and become wedged on the heating element. I take the turkey out put it on the counter, grab my pot holders and start grabbing the rack but it really is stuck on the heating element.
My pot holders catch on fire, so I shake them and blow on them, thinking " this is not good because now the house is going to smell like I burned something. So I keep working on the rack, when they catch on fire again. ( I think I am going to have ask for new potholders for Christmas.)
I finally get the rack up where it is supposed to be and then my husband comes in and asks me what am I doing and what is that smell of burning? :)
So I tell him and so he helps me get the turkey in the oven but it did take both of us to do it and it did take two of us to get it out, but it was a wonderful tasting turkey.

So that was my turkey trial. I hope it is a nice and restful day for everyone.

Happy Friday!


Kessie said...

That story cracks me up. I know that I sure couldn't have lifted a turkey that heavy to that height.

I hope you rest today! We're all tired over here, too. Movie day. :-)

Farm Girl said...

I went out and stared at my chickens, and shuffled them around finally I gave up and let them all out in the yard, came back in took a nap and then ate and now thinking of crawling back in bed and taking another nap. What a nice day!:) I hope you get to rest too.