Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obstacles or Opportunities

As I have learned this year, life is like labor. In order to get something really good, you have to go through it step by step, then it is over and you can get on with the business of life. I liked this picture this morning because it sort of looks like a leaf tunnel. I am sharing a couple of things that I have collected from times past when I thought my feet would slip, but they never did God kept me on a firm foundation and they still minister to me.

Many time God places obstacles in our lives to keep us humble and dependent on Him. The very name God gave the promised land-Canaan-- means "A place of humility."

I must break myself of my intense love of self if I am ever able to allow Gods love to envelop me and fill me. ( I find trials revel so much about who I am, I love my comfort, my supposed control and my intense selfishness.)

How wonderful that the reality of His presence is greater than the reality of the Hell about us.
---Betsie Ten Boom---

Give us enough tests to make us strong, enough vision and endurance to follow your way, enough patience to persist when the going is difficult, enough of reality to know our weaknesses
and enough humility to know these gifts come from you.

God before us to prepare the way,
walk behind us to be our protection,
and walk beside us to be our companion,
Through Christ our Lord amen.
---Richard Langfort---

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