Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Sugar Maple

One of the things that I love is our sugar maple tree. It has never let me down when it comes to fall color. This year it is just as beautiful as in years past. I always feel like a mother hen when it comes to this tree. In the spring as it puts on leaves, the green after a winter of brown, makes me so happy to just stand and stare at it. In the fall when I am starved for red and gold leaves it gives us such a wonderful gift. I find leaves and put them in wax paper and stick them in my phone book. Then at odd times of year I will pick up the phone book and they will fall out and then I hold them in my hands and thank the Lord that He even cares about leaves and He makes everything beautiful in it's own time.
Today, I am so thankful that the Lord told me "no" when I didn't want to move here, I am glad He said, Just trust me. He has blessed me and given me the desires of my heart and for that I am thankful for the No's He gave me because, really, I think my life would have been so sad, if I had received all yeses.


Kessie said...

You know, I think God's Nos to me have been more valuable than the Yeses, too. Everything I've begged him for, or begged him to not give me, would have been harmful in the long run somehow. The things God gave me or didn't give me instead were so much better.

I love your sugar maple. I'm glad you got such a good picture. :-)

Farm Girl said...

It is kinds sad, because I take pictures of trees and not people. I remember my Mom asking once if my relgion forbade the taking of pictures of you kids. I just laughed and now I take pictures of trees, go figure. Yeah, when you think about it and look back, you see how merciful God was to say "No."
See you in the morning. :)