Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Good To Be Home

I think one of the nicest parts of a trip in coming home and seeing everything in a new light.
Things that before I left seemed so important, and now that I am home I don't even give a thought to it. Like cleaning my chicken pen. I enjoy fooling around and taking care of my chickens but the cleaning out of the coops, well lets just say, I can always find some other chore that I would rather do, but now I am looking forward to making their houses all comfy. I know it is just my own brain, but when I am down with my chickens watching them be chickens, it always feels like I just relax.
Another thing that I like is washing dishes. There is something so comforting and normal about washing dishes. When I was on the road, at night after I had fixed dinner and we were hooked up to electricity and I could fill the sink with hot water and then stand and wash dishes that made me feel so safe and normal.

I guess you could say, that I am most happy when I can do routine. Its Monday, and it is so nice to be at home.

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an encourager said...

Hi Kim!!! I remember you and I still have those tapes, too!! Thank you for the kind offer of mini pumpkins! I would love to use those! How fun that you grew them yourself!!! My email address is If you send me your phone number and address, I can call you and we can set up a time that is good for me to come get your shared bounty! thank you so much!!!!