Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grand Old Ladies

On our trip, we drove I felt like the back roads of Texas. We drove through all of these little towns, that made me think sometimes we had went back in time. We went through this place called Henrietta, Texas. The houses were like this all along the road. I thought they were just beautiful and had we more time I would have loved to stopped and walked on the side walks and looked at all of the houses. Another thing that was amazing to me was how sweet everyone was every where we went. Getting gas in a gas station, people talked to you and when a man saw me staring at his cute dog, asked if I wanted to pet him.

I found a certain innocence that was so nice and refreshing. People were so open that I saw how untrusting and cynical I have become. Oh and very, very outspoken and vocal about the current administration in the White House. Signs along the road calling it the Obama deception.

I went hoping to find a wooden Indian so I could put it on our front porch. I found some but they were not what I was looking for. So I guess I will just look into carving my own, it can't be that hard. Or go to Buck Owens studio and see if I can buy theirs. :) I have always wanted a wooden Indian, since I read a old Nancy Drew mystery or something like that called like the Secret of The Old Indian.

There were things about Texas that just made me laugh. I will post the few pictures I took this week. They tickled me.


Meg said...

What a gorgeous house! I would love to have a house like that.

Farm Girl said...

I thought it was too and there were some that I saw that were just abandoned. It broke my heart. They just needed to be filled with people.