Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finally, Home

We are finally home. The sounds in the house is the washing machine, the dryer. The cats have all come out from under the beds, the dogs are full of wags, and doggie smiles. The kids are still sleeping and all is quiet. I have went out and checked the chickens and walked in the pasture to see the progress of the trees, I didn't miss fall. I was so afraid I might. We had beautiful weather all across the land, 2,973.00 miles of it. Until, we get to here, which is Tehachapi. We drove into fog and rain and then we finally drove out from under it and then we were home.
After being on the road for so long, our house is really quiet, the heater is quiet. It was so cold that the heater in the motor home would run and then stay off 10 seconds then run from 20 more. The road noise that you don't notice until you get home because every thing is so quiet.

I find that I had pretty much a ungrateful heart and I didn't know it. We live in such a beautiful place. We drove all that way and as we were driving on 99 I thought, wow, it is just so pretty. Oh and clean. All of the junk everywhere just drives me nuts.

My sister said that my cousin who lives back there who has been as sick as my Mom died last night. When we were kids, we all lived on my grandparents property. He was my grandmothers youngest brother and because he was closer to my Moms age and his kids were our age he was more like a uncle. We camped together and were my Mom and Dads best friends. When the tractor turned over on my Dad and my brother and they were pinned under it, he lifted the tractor off of them and saved their lives. I thought about that when I got the news, how if not for him my brother might have died and maybe my Dad. He suffered the rest of his life with a bad back. I know that he is now in the arms of Jesus. There is quite a clan up in heaven now. This is my second cousin to die since October 31st. Wow what a fall.

But we are home and it was safe, now onto work and Thanksgiving.

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Kessie said...

I'm just so thankful that you're home! I'll give you a call later on. :-)