Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Answer Today

This morning, we woke up really early, I was one day from home and I knew that I could turn around and be home in one day. If we went further, then I would be two days from home. I just did not want to go but turn around and come home. Ron had asked me who I was going for and as I thought about it, I was obeying God.

Just as we got on the road, there was this truck in front of me, if you click on the picture you can see what all of it says, " Finish the mission, " jumped out at me first. I felt like God poked me, so I knew without a doubt I was to keep going. Then in the smaller letters it says " Prepare for Combat." I thought it was a great reminder that every day, we are to prepare for combat.

So what did I find out I forgot? I forgot a flashlight. We get into this place at 8:00 PM we have been driving since 8:00 Am. We need to hook up and I am out there striking matches to try and see the hook up stuff, which all keep blowing out. I go back inside find the lighter and Ron takes it back outside. When, thankfully God decides to send someone, who just happens to have a flashlight. Now we are staying in a place, like, think staying in a place old like Union Ave. When this sweet man, Larry is his name comes over and holds the flashlight for Ron when he happens to tell Ron that he is a Federal Marshal. Is that cool or what? Then begins to tell Ron stories of jumping into Grand Canyon by parachute, him and 5 buddies to rescue their friend. I just feel like giggling.

Oh and he told Ron that last night it was 10 degrees. That we should not plug in the water as it might break the hose in the morning. Guess what we would have done and woke up too. It is cold, that is why November is not a good camping month. It is okay though, because God goes before us at every step. We had such a clear day and the snow was on the hillsides. We will get to Texas tomorrow.


Kessie said...

Okay, I would NOT have believed that unless you'd snapped a picture of the truck. Of all the things you see written on trucks! That's so awesome!

It's also cool about the guy with the flashlight. But isn't that always how it is when camping? You just meet the coolest people. I think God's always been good to us that way, and it's awesome to see him looking out for you now. It means you're in his will. :-)

Meg said...

Haha what a funny sign from God. Out of all the things to say and all the places to find it. Well good, I'm glad you're not turning around. I really feel like you need to be there. I think once you get home you'll be glad you went.