Monday, November 16, 2009


I have always loved mountains that look like this, as we drove by, I thought about what they would look like with faces in them, and then as we got closer, ( my picture didn't turn out.) I thought I could see faces of old, old men staring down at me. Ancient statutes like in Fellowship of the Ring. The Argonath standing and watching a pass, they are Isildur and Anarion. That is what I thought of as we passed though the desert. Argonath means stones of the kings. As we drove and I kept thinking of the earth in upheaval because of the mountains of lava rock and cinder cones everywhere.

We got here and I cooked Chinese food for dinner. It doesn't matter that I didn't remember to bring scissors to open the bag. ( I used the sharp edge of the can opener.) I didn't have a lid so the vegetables could steam, ( they just took longer to cook.) I burned my hand on the hot pan because I forgot pot holders. Today when we stopped for lunch, we just had bread, meat and cheese because I forgot, mayonnaise, mustard and lettuce. I know they must still be in the kitchen.
It is cool though, we have internet and Ron and I both brought computers so we are just like uptown.

Will write more tomorrow.

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Kessie said...

*laughing* It's been so long since we went camping, sounds like you're out of the groove! Also, we always left a bunch of stuff in the trailer anyway, like potholders and scissors. Maybe for Christmas you need a swiss army knife. :)

Glad to see where you guys are! It might be raining here by Friday, so I hope that doesn't affect your traveling.