Saturday, November 21, 2009

Loneliest Time of Day

This is the sky of Texas. It is huge and lonely. The sun was going down, and we have spent days racing the sun. We loose every time and go into campgrounds and set up came in the dark. Last night the campground we stayed in was unreal. When we were there 12 years ago it was out in the middle of no where. You could hear meadowlarks and there were cows all around and it was so peaceful. Now it is in the middle of a industrial area, there was a train that went by every hour. Using different horns too. Then there was the airport with jets flying by and you could hear hwy 40 like it was next door. We got in bed finally, and turned out the light and we were camping with a light shining in the window. We just laughed, because you just can't dream this stuff up. The water wasn't frozen so we did get hot showers and any day is good with a hot shower.
Tonight we are in Arizona at the meteor crater. The campgound is so quiet and the stars are so close. We could see the milky way so clearly. It will freeze tonight but that won't be so bad because we will be home tomorrow!!!
It is so nice to be back in our own time zone. My Mom was able to get out of bed today and sat in a chair for two hours. She was able to talk a bunch to my sister and that is so good. I am going home so much lighter than when I left.
I am so glad I am going to be home because "In all the world, my nest is best."

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Kessie said...

So will you be home on Saturday or Sunday? I'm confused.

Ilm glad Grandma's doing better, too. That's so wonderful!

Heh, in that picture, there's bugs smashed all over your windshield. :-)

I miss you guys! Give us a call when you get home!