Friday, November 20, 2009

Lake Texoma

This is where we spent the night for two nights. It is five minutes from the hospital. It is just beautiful. Too bad we didn't bring fishing poles. It is full of these things called Alligator Gars. You can look them up. I know they must be living dinosaurs. My brother saw one going through the water and he thought they looked like a sea serpent. My Mom was really great today. She talked and new me and her color was so much better. I stayed with her until noon and then we jumped in the motor home and started back for home. We made it to Texas and we hope to make it to Arizona tomorrow and get home on Saturday night. That means if we don't hit weather. It is going to be 23 tonight in Amarillo, Texas tonight. It is cold but hey, I have been complaining about no weather for months now, so I am getting cold. Teach me to gripe. :)


Kessie said...

Oh good! All good news! Grandma's better and you're coming home! Alex has asked all week for "Gandma? Gandma and Pa?"

Meg said...

Wow that's really pretty.

Yay for better! I'm so glad you're coming home. It's been really bizarre knowing you guys were out of town.