Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love storms! In California. Not other places.
I took this as the storm was blowing in. It was still
with hardly a breeze, but it was rolling toward me.
That is when, I stood there and thought, " Be still,
and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) His
power is so huge and I am so small.

I have some more pictures to share. When we moved
here, this had been land that was a cow pasture. For
years and years. We built a house in the middle of it.
We disturbed lots of bugs. One of the bugs we disturbed,
migrates in April. They are called by some people
sun spiders or wind scorpions, or vingerroons.
They look and act almost prehistoric. I do not
know how they reproduce because it you get two
together they fight until one of them eats the other all up.

If they were giant they would fight me. This one I took pictures
of wanted to fight my camera. In April, at night, walking through
the house, wear shoes. They come out from hiding and want to
attack. Okay, here is my first creepy picture.

The next picture is of it with its mouth open,
it has a double set of jaw. Mean thing wanted to get
my camera.

The next picture is after I put her in
a jar and brought her in the house so my
kids could see her. I have already let her
go because I think she was going to have

All of the sites I have looked up trying to find information,
says that so little is known, there needs to be people who
catch them and observe them. I tried to talk my kids into
doing it for a school science project, but they didn't want
to do it. I have watched them dig burrows, it is fascinating.
They use those top arms to carry rocks and the jaw. They
then use the other legs to dig. They can dig burrows really
fast. I believe they are nocturnal as I only find them in the
house at night or early morning. They get a big as a
scorpion. This one is the largest I have ever caught.
Have a great Wednesday.


Meg said...

Gross gross gross gross gross!! I'm so glad I never knew that April was the time to be careful. I just might have stayed away from your house then...

Dog Trot Farm said...

Farm girl you are a brave soul. I am not a fan of spiders of any kind. I do appreciate them, but that is as far as it goes! How do you sleep at night? I'm just a wimp.

Farm Girl said...

Well, it is only in April and they are on the ground, usually, My cats think they are the most fun to play with so the cats find them first and now the dog loves to fight with them.
I feel pretty safe. ;)

Kessie said...

And they're actually a kind of tailless scorpion, too. They have ten legs. I've counted them.