May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Birthday

Well today is the day, yep birthday. My very
first birthday being a blogger. I have to say,
Wow, people are so very nice, I love bloggers,
yep you know who you are, the sweetest people
in the whole world.
What makes you so special , is you give all of the time.
I have been the recipient and I am so humbled by
your kindness to me.
Not to mention you read my ramblings. I think
I should give medals for that.
I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely birthday,
and I love you all back.
Have a lovely Sunday, I know mine is... Special


  1. Happy Birthday Kim!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day. I also agree with Janean's comment below and think you should celebrate the entire month of May! It's your special month. I think you are a really great lady and I enjoy reading your blog. Happy, happy birthday blog friend!!!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday Kim! Enjoy your family, your chickens and your garden. May gentle breezes cause you to reflect on Jesus' amazing love for you today.
    You have always been such a great blessing in my life. You are directly responsible for bringing me to Christ because you invited me to BSF so long ago. Do you realize that was 25 years ago?
    Dang we're old!
    Happy Happy Birthday.

  3. congratulations and happy birthday!

    i have learned so much from bloggers
    about how to just be kinder and say the
    things i appreciate. i really used to just
    keep those things inside.

    but you and blogland taught me to let
    it out. :)

  4. It's your Special Day! Woo-hoo Happy Birthday to You!

    I have to say a lil jealous you live in my dream home, you lucky Girl!

    You should do a post I would love to see it.

    I was so sad to find out it was in such bad shape and so creepy.It does have a ton of windows and I didn't even think about washing them.LOL

    ~Cheers Kim


    Thank you Kim for your visit to my blog, you were way over the top with the best inspirational comment, perfect words to feed ones soulful dreams.

    Indeed you stand alone and are special.
    keep on inspiring all of us who want to hear you ramble on an on!! we love what you have to say and it is poeticly written.



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