Monday, March 14, 2011

The Field of Dreams

This is pretty much how it looks in the Field of Dreams
right now, all of the trees are in full bloom. I walked by the
almond tree and it was covered in tiny, little green almonds.
I guess there is something out there pollinating.
This morning I made a to do list that was pretty crazy. If the weather had not been so beautiful I might not
have accomplished very much of it but I did make a start.
So as I sit here I am pretty happy but exhausted. I maybe over did it.

I even got my kitchen floor mopped after I got dinner made.
I am having the hardest time with all of the things going on in Japan.
I find that I keep trying to play God instead of letting Him be God.
I want to yell at the heavens and ask why God?

I see the human suffering and the poor people who have lost everything.
I really don't do well with other peoples suffering. When it happens to me,
I think I deserved it anyway. I want God to answer me.

Of course He says, that His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my
ways. His ways are higher than the heavens.

I searched today and I read and prayed because I want some kind of answer.

I read this, and I have continued to read it all day to myself as a way to give myself
peace. "God does many things which we do not understand. Of course He does---
He is God, perfect in wisdom, love, and power. We are only children, very far from perfect in anything. A true faith must rest solidly on His character and His Word, not on our
particular conceptions of what He ought to do."
(On Asking God Why, p.9)
"Oh, the dpeth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable
his judgments, and paths beyond tracing out!"
(Romans 11:33)

So as I was mopping my floor and I was thinking does it even matter when there are
people who don't have a floor to mop and a roof or even water to drink does it matter
that I am spending my time in such a empty endeavor. It really shows me how shallow
I am I think.
Does it matter that I cleaned my flowerbeds when there are people who don't have a bed or a blanket or maybe their families are all gone and they are alone.

All day these thoughts went around and around in my head. Finally, as I got up off my knees
from mopping the floor, I realized that If I believe like I say I do in God then part of
believing is trusting Him and resting in His perfect judgment and knowing that never
one single time has any of this been out of His control. He is still God.

I am me, and He knows I don't understand and how sad I am and sick inside,
and He tells me over and over, He loves them too and He is still the God of miracles
and I can still trust Him.

Thank you so much for taking time today to read my ramblings. I appreciate
all of you who come by for a visit and I want you to know that I have learned that
life can change is an instant of time. Every day is a gift.



TexWisGirl said...

It's true how it seems to make our lives and worries so incredibly small and silly when we see such wide-sweeping pain and death and devastation. I'm glad you have your faith and trust.

Meg said...

I think we have to remember: It was time for those people to leave this earth. Hopefully to go Home, but some to just go. Who are we to question the time line?

Shifan said...

It's really likes a dream. I like first picture most.It's full with pink.
I also have published flowers which are in my garden.

Dawn said...

Field of Dreams...yes - they are in my dreams!

Life is strange...and can feel hopeless.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm trying to hold on to them.

Vintage Gal said...

Thanks for sharing ~ you have made my day bright knowing how blessed we truly are even in the mundane tasks at hand ;-)

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, and I have had the same questions and thoughts this week too. Dh and I continue to have them in out thoughts and prayers.

Kessie said...

I've prayed for them, but it's all too big for me right now. Natural disasters and politics are both things that I can't contain in my head.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

....and yet life goes on and the fields are still ripe for harvest. We are to 'work' 'till He comes. My heart and prayers are with the people of Japan. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around what they are goin' through.

God bless you sweetie and may you have a peaceful day baskin' in His presence. :o)

Kim said...

I wish I had words today to comment on your thoughts. I'm a tad bit frazzled but if I can put together some coherent sentences I will email you later.

Julia said...

Kim, I wish I had word of comfort for you but the best I can come up with the moment is this.

All that is created comes from God and God is in charge of this big earth and things would go on wether I was alive or dead or never been born...

Mother Earth groans and rumbles and give us all our seasons and all the beauty she holds was created by God, the cycle of Life and Death goes on and in all this she is faithful to the created harmony set by the Creator.

I am so impatient and complains for the least inconvenience because I want to rush her.

I am but one tiny part of his creatures, powerless by myself but powerful with Him. I feel loved by God every day because I've never been through such devastation. Sure I've been through many disasters and tribulations in my life but I don't know how my faith would hold up if I had to go through the devastation the people of Japan are going through right now.

All I know is that Mother Earth takes our body back even if it ends up where no one can see it, in a pie of rubble, miles in deep the ocean or in a deep crevice. She may look uncaring the way she does it but in his wisdom God had a plan and no one goes missing without his knowledge.

God's ways are indeed above our ways and His thoughts are above our thoughts. But we are asked t see God in all things.

Peace my friend. Hugs. Julia

Miss Debbie said...

Hey Kim! After reading your post, this seems a little trivial...but you won my give away! If you will email me at: and send me your mailing address, I will get your gift to you.
All I can say about the other is that I know God uses these things to draw people to Him. Everything He does is intentional and His purpose is always to demonstrate His glory and sovereignty. I had a pastor who always said, "When the unbelievable happens and we question what God is doing, we have to go back to the basic belief that He loves us and that He is good." I will pray that your heart will be encouraged.