Friday, March 25, 2011

A Special Blogger

I wanted today to introduce you to one of my friends.
She has just started blogging and I would like you to meet her.
She is a extraordinary woman who has blessed my life.
Her blog is called Our Next Season. She has just came back
into the United States after being in a Muslim country as
a missionary. Sherry and her husband are now living in Kentucky.

How I met her was when I was a Bible Study leader in a Bible Study
called Bible Study Fellowship. I have always thought that God knew
I needed her in my life and she has continued to bless me always. Her
story today on her blog is just her. She is someone who sees a need and
just quietly goes and does it.
I was pregnant with our 3rd child and I was going to go to a retreat. I didn't
have a really nice dress to wear to the dinner at the retreat and she came into
class on a Wednesday morning with a box that I opened and in it was a dress
she had made for me for the retreat.
She has always been that kind of friend to me. She is now in a new place away
from her family because she knows that is where God has her and her husband
for now. Her grand babies live here and she lives in Kentucky.

She also loves God and I know that she has given up so much to follow God.
I just wanted to share about her and maybe you can go and visit her and
be blessed the way she has blessed me now for 23 years.

I just wanted to share with you because the story on her blog today just really
touched me.

So glad it is the weekend.



Verde Farm said...

Oh how wonderful Kim. She sounds like a wonderful lady. I am off to meet her for sure :) Hugs to you!!

Vintage Gal said...

Kim ~ she sounds like a lovely lady. I'll hop on over now. Happy Saturday ;-)

Jacque. said...

Kim...thank you, I read her blog and she is definitely following the path God has laid out for her. What a wonderful friend for you to have.

Miss Debbie said...

Hey there, Thanks for introducing me to a new friend. I just left her a note. I look forward to getting to know her. She seems like my kind of gal....just like you! :-)Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! said...

Isn't God just wonderful to bring such special people in our lives? I will check out her blog...what a precious tribute to a friend in Christ.
Oh you are mentioned in my blog post today...just sharing what we have in common again.

Debbie said...

She sounds wonderful....I am going right over!

GramE said...

You have blessed me again. I love you beyond measure. <3

Julia said...

Hi Kim, I've checked your friend's blog and left a comment. You are a great friend to have around. Have a great week. JB