Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

I am joining in a Farm Friend Friday today with
Verde Farm
Dandelion House
The people I have met there have been so nice
and I have enjoyed each of my visits. I hope you enjoy
your visit as well. The dog wasn't guarding the gate
when I snapped this picture. This group of girls were
very proud of themselves to have made it out to the garden
with me. I enjoyed seeing them just putter around with me.

I was hoping that the whole bunch were going to make
it out the gate before they were spotted. I think one
of these days I will lock to dog up just so they can
come out and scratch in the dirt outside the fence with me.

I wanted to share some of my eggs that I collected today.
The darker brown on the left are from the Cuckoo Marans
and the Welsummers. The lighter brown ones are from my New
Jersey Giants and then the lighter ones are from my Bard Rocks
and my Red Stars. Then the light greenish egg is from one of my mixed
breed hens. She must have Araucana to lay colored eggs.

This is my Cuckoo Maran that is a chicken like none
other she does march to the beat of a different drummer.
She was around on the other side of the fence when the
dog had rounded up the others and put them in the yard.
As you can see Sasha is inside so no other chicken can escape,
but she missed one. The hen was very proud of herself. I kept her
with me while I fooled around and Sasha wouldn't leave her post
for fear the others would get out. I laughed myself silly watching the looks
on their faces.

I had to take a picture of my very first Iris. It looks
so pretty blooming. I think I do love the color purple
with the touch of yellow.

I wanted to share this with you. Yesterday on my gardening
post Sharon Lovejoy stopped by and visited my blog and left
a comment. I have all of her books and have long dreamed of
having a garden like hers. When I was first married and I moved
from the country to the city and lived in an apartment we had a patch
of dirt. My first garden was some irises that someone was getting rid
of and gave me. I was in heaven.
By the time we bought our house and I had a real garden, I loved nothing
better than my little plot of dirt that I grew vegetables on. Somewhere along
the way, I started reading articles written in magazines written by
Sharon Lovejoy and I would read and dream.
When we finally moved here, I knew that I finally had room to make a garden
like I had read about in her books. I still read her books over and over.

Yesterday she read about my garden. I think that is what is so magic about blogging
the world becomes more personal and little things like a comment can be more
precious than gold.

I hope you enjoy Farm Friend Friday and all of the lovely ladies who have
the nicest blogs to visit.

Have a lovely Friday,


Meg said...

I still wonder how such pretty colors like blue and green come out of a chicken. It's amazing. Also, Sashie cracks me up with how serious she takes her job.

Yay for Irises! :D

TexWisGirl said...

LOVE that guard dog! Oh, that must have just driven her crazy to have missed one hen!!!

That's really neat about your author visitor and fellow garden lover!

Dawn said...

Such a Beautiful color in that iris!!
Wish I lived closer...I would knock on your door all day until you sold me some eggs;)

Uncovered Ruby said...

I Love my chickens too! I call them my 'sissies'. They really do have their own individual personalities, mine follow me around like puppies hoping I'll dig them some worms ;-)..Lisa

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh how lucky you are to have hens... such a sweet post. but that book looks interesting, i am going to have to google it. how exciting for the author to pay you a visit!

Kessie said...

Wow, that's awesome about that lady leaving you a comment! I've seen that book around the house for years, too.

Also, the chicken and Sasha pictures are hilarious. I'll bet that one hen was proud of herself. :-)

Debbie said...

i enjoyed this! Have a a great week-end! HUGS

Patrice said...

That iris is so pretty. Sasha is the chicken babysitter- cute.
Have a great weekend!

no spring chicken said...

I loved reading about your chickens and their beautiful eggs. Loving too your weathered wood fence. And the Iris? Is it really spring? Really?

Kim said...

Sasha is so cute and dedicated to her job. I can honestly say I have never seen a green egg. Is it from a Dr. Suess chicken? (wink)
Hey guess what...I met Julia from "of petals and wool" this morning.

Alica said...

I love the chicken pictures...we have Red Sex Links, and just added three Americaunas, so now we have green eggs too! Love to see people's reactions when they open a box and see the colored eggs!

Lynn said...

The eggs are beautiful! Love the pics of the the grils too-enjoy:@)

Sue said...

As always one chicken farmer to another,... I love this post, and like you to have my own eggs is indescribable. Right now I have two roosters that are not getting along, and at times that is frustrating. Sasha is so adorable, I am still wanting a Border Collie, and dh has promised to get me one this year. Lucy, the G- Shepherd has become his dog, because she is with him all day.
The iris is beautiful,.
Enjoy your weekend.
Sue said...

I am just enamored by your whole farm life!

Does it count that I bought 2 gorgeous petunia cascades today and 2 big pots on sale for $16 each at Ross for the front porch? I feel very 'farm girl' right now. I am also going to buy some herbs this week and plant them in little stone urns and put them in the kitchen... mint, rosemary, parsley...

Have I made a big impression with my outdoor life maneuvers of the week?? :)

You always inspire me Kim!


Verde Farm said...

Oh I just love your girls and look at those beautiful eggs you have!! They are good layers. I bet they do love to be out with you and Sasha is such a pretty girl. Isn’t that the coolest thing that she left a comment on your blog? WOW! I think that is wonderful. I will check out her books. I love gardening so much and your iris are beautiful :)
Hugs, Amy

Donna said...

Amazing about your author commentor....and your eggs are just fabulous colors!!!

Vintage Gal said...

Love the chickens. We are just about ready to order our peeps. I can hardly wait ;-)

Anonymous said...

Found you over at Pear Tree Lane.
Loved seeing your photos and reading about your dog keeping the chickens in place!

That was exciting that the author you've read for so long left a comment on your blog! special!

mariel said...

I have been too busy to do much blog visiting lately, but had to swing by your place for a breath of fresh air today!! Your pictures and your words never disappoint, my friend!! Love those chickens...and the flower pics from 4/2 are gorgeous...I can almost smell the "dirt Irises" :) hugs to you!! I look forward to to visiting again soon!